The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

Rise and Shine, Venice!

Written By: Jacqueline Dax The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is known for its artsy environment and world famous boardwalk. An endless amount of shops line the famous beach creating the perfect set-up for a summer vacation. With an atmosphere like this, it is only natural to work up an appetite while trying to hit as many attractions as possible. Sometimes the various eateries Venice Beach offers are overlooked due to the exciting atmosphere—especially in the morning hours. Before you get your adventure started, don’t forget to fuel your day with the most important meal of the day—breakfast! With the perfect mix of fun and food, it is no wonder why Venice is loved by so many. Check out these restaurants for the perfect way to start your day in Venice Beach. The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach


This hot spot will leave you nothing short of satisfied. The warm, homey essence of this location welcomes you to sit down and dine. Gjelina offers both indoor seating and an outdoor patio to appease the desires of any customer. Though popularly known for their lunches and dinners, Gjelina has more to offer than their divine pizzas. Chef Travis Lett brings his fresh, farm-to-table dishes to his guests bringing an earthy taste to his masterpieces. After looking at the menu for what seemed like a century, I finally made a decision. I ordered the Nine Grain Pancake after a long internal debate with myself. A hard choice, but a good one. Rich maple syrup and soft, melted butter accompanied each bite. For those who have never had whole grain pancakes, have no fear! These pancakes are especially fluffy, fresh, flavorful and, best of all, made with healthy ingredients. That’s right, I felt no regret after consuming this heaven-sent circle of joy. Leaving Gjelina left me feeling stuffed and wondering when I could come back for more!

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

26 Beach

If you are seeking a calming environment, then Beach 26 is just the place for you! This restaurant can be dressed up or down for any event imaginable. Not only that but almost any meal that you can think of is on their huge menu. Mostly known for their burgers, I was excited to try this place out. Being the burger connoisseur that I am, I had to eye the overwhelmingly enormous burger selection. Unfortunately, trying one of those delectable sandwiches was not my mission this time (darn). As I flip through the pages, I realize there is a little something for everyone on the ever-expanding menu. The breakfast section of the menu alone has at least twenty different options to choose from. The hardest part about visiting this restaurant was deciding on one entree since they all looked so delicious. I finally order the S’mores French Toast. I could feel my mouth watering when I saw the S’mores French Toast coming out to greet me face-to-face. When I took my first bite, I experienced a true party in my mouth. I never knew s’mores and French toast could be fused into one gooey masterpiece. With a roof that is retractable, I have concluded that this restaurant truly has it all.

3100 W Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

Joe’s Restaurant

Joe’s Restaurant is quite the gem to stumble on. This restaurant is represented with a farmer ‘s market feel and French-California cuisine to accompany it. If you are a French food enthusiast (and binge eater) then you definitely need to check out this location. I took the Spinach & Mushroom Quiche for a whirl, and I must say that I was not disappointed. The warm, flakey crust was baked to absolute perfection, which had me rushing back for fork full after fork full. A fresh, green Market Salad was included with the meal. Between the out-of-this-world quiche and crisp salad, my taste buds were thanking me for all the wonderful flavors. Don’t let the pricing of this location deter you from trying it out. Being a college student, I know how hard it is to give up a dollar, but with all the food that was given to me I couldn’t complain. It was definitely a good bang for my buck.

1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

The Tasting Kitchen

The earthy feel of this restaurant caught my attention right away when I entered. I have never been in a restaurant that has trees growing in the middle of it (literally). The simplicity of the décor added a relaxing, peaceful mood to the atmosphere. Known for their exquisite brunch, cocktails, and many creative dishes, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to get a taste of what this trendy, upscale Mediterranean place had to offer. The Tasting Kitchen scribbles “water served upon request. Conserve water. Drink wine.” on the bottom of their brunch page and I couldn’t help but have an appreciation for the humor this locations has. With this, I felt more comfortable in the environment than I already was. I ordered the Eggs in a Basket and could not wait to try something I have never tried before. Let me just begin by saying the presentation of this dish was absolutely phenomenal. It was almost too pretty to eat (almost). With crispy bacon to accompany the soft French toast and fluffy egg, this dish is to die for! It’s no wonder why The Tasting Kitchen seems to stand out from all the other restaurants. Breakfast in Venice Beach

1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach


Flake is one of the coolest restaurants I have ever entered in Venice. Being that cereal is one of the all-time greatest breakfasts ever, I was pretty stoked to venture into this joint. The walls of this cafe are covered in cereal art, which is a beautiful sight for all cereal lovers. Flake welcomes its guests into a warm environment to enjoy not just any regular bowl of cereal. Along with this, Flake offers creative breakfast and lunch dishes for you to explore (the selection is huge)! Since this location specializes in cereal, I felt like it would have been sacrilegious to not order something involving cereal. The Basic Bowl was calling my name, so I followed my gut and ordered it. I got two scoops of Fruit Loops with 2% milk, almonds, and bananas to top it all off. I felt like a kid in an ice-cream shop while choosing my desired cereal and toppings. If you are looking to add a little spunk to your cereal bowl, then this location is the place for you!

513 Rose Ave
Venice, CA 90291

The Cow’s End Cafe

A restaurant that serves breakfast is a hard one to come by, and I was excited to hear that Venice has one. That means you can sleep in and still get your favorite breakfast—even at 3:00 p.m. Also, known for their great coffee, I figured I’d give it a try. The drink menu was about equivalent to the food menu, and that blew my mind. I ended up starting my experience with a cup of Iced Café White Mocha Au Lait which is coffee with chocolate milk. After taking one sip, I understood why this cafe is known for its caffeinated greatness. It was as if I were drinking liquid gold; every sip was better than the last. I almost got another, but I figured I’d save room for a meal. After judging the cup of coffee I literally inhaled, I had very high standards for the meal I was about to indulge in. Not surprisingly, the Tequila Sunrise Wrapp was above-and-beyond my expectations. The ingredients all worked together in perfect harmony to make a symphony of exploding flavor in my mouth. Consisting of eggs, bacon, avocado, black beans, sour cream, tomatoes, napa cabbage, red peppers, red onions and salsa wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, I can say thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this meal. It is easy to say that I left the Cow’s End Cafe as a satisfied (and stuffed) customer.

34 W Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292

The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

French Market Cafe

This charming cafe has been serving up authentic French dishes in the Venice Beach community since 1993. The patio welcomes any locals or tourists to get a real taste of France. From the coffee to the wine cellar consisting of over 100 different wines, the French Market Cafe has a lot on its menu. Offering many traditional French courses, I was excited to start chowing down. Popularized by the Le Cheval breakfast sandwich they serve, I had to take a taste. Served on a toasted, flakey croissant sat two fried eggs with ham and melted swiss cheese to keep it company. The first bite made me feel like I was at a cafe in France. Everything about this item was perfect. How the ham and swiss cheese synced together flawlessly while the eggs and croissant added bursting fresh flavor in every morsel. I wish I had saved some room for a crêpe, but the Le Cheval knocked me out (food coma to the max). I will definitely have to venture out again to devour one of those in the future. You can always have a little piece of France in every bite at this restaurant. Bon Appétit!

2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

The Best Ways to Start the Day in Venice Beach

Another Kind of Sunrise

Another Kind of Sunrise is known for their earth-loving charm, and organic style eats. They only get the best ingredients from locally sourced companies for their healthy entrées. This location is only opened until midafternoon, so make sure not to snooze through their hours and experience what superb food truly tastes like. Mixing full flavor dishes with healthy ingredients creates the best of both worlds. This eatery has mastered the art of flavorful, healthy meals. I decided on getting the Peanut Butter Cup. The Peanut Butter Cup was the perfect mix of savory flavor and…peanut butter puffs. It was quite the treat that valued both my taste buds and my body. I could feel my figure thanking me for the much-needed raw nutrients after every bite I took. For those who think organic meals won’t fill them up, think again! I can assure you that you will leave this restaurant not wanting to eat another bite. Another Kind of Sunrise makes raw and organic fun (and it’s tasty too). Healthy doesn’t always have to be bland. Cheers to good eating! Breakfast in Venice Beach

1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

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