Brit Floyd: A Tribute to Pink Floyd

Q & A With Damian Darlington

Written By: Mary McNulty

Photography Provided By: Segerstrom Center for the Arts,  David Munn

With a tour schedule of 100 shows between March and August, catching up with Damian Darlington of Brit Floyd, the Pink Floyd Tribute Band is no easy task. Luckily on a Sunday afternoon there was an hour between the sound check and show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As Damian caught his breath, he gave us the 411 on the Sunday June 14 presentation at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa. The tour arrives after Salt Lake City, Utah then continues with stops in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

As Musical Director, Vocalist, and Guitarist, Darlington understands that a tribute to Pink Floyd is not a concert, it is an experience. Pink Floyd is well known for its massive lighting and projection show. Brit Floyd carries on the same tradition.

Very few if any tribute bands have attained the success of Brit Floyd. It is estimated that total ticket sales have exceeded one million. The 2015 Space and Time Tour plays the US, Europe and the UK. The last scheduled US date is Cleveland, Ohio on August 30 then it’s off to Europe from October 8 to November 13. On November 15 it’s off to the UK ending on the 29.

When speaking with Damian he demonstrates the passion he has not only for Pink Floyd but for life as a touring musician. This is still the case after 20 years playing the music he loves with a group of musicians he tremendously respects.

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Q: With its 50 year history why do you feel Pink Floyd is still relevant?

Damian Darlington: They are certainly one of the bands who have stood the test of time. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what it is. People find the music as relevant today as they did 40 plus years ago. New generations are coming who weren’t even born when Pink Floyd first came along.

Q: When did you first discover Pink Floyd?

DD: I was probably 13 to 14 years old. I remember when Brick in the Wall was the number one single in the UK. I thought it was just amazing, and I wanted to listen to all of their records.

Q: Your resume is all inclusive when it comes to Brit Floyd. How do you juggle the responsibilities of Musical Director, Vocalist and Guitarist especially with such an intense schedule?

DD: I’m lucky enough to work with some great Musicians. It’s a pleasure to be playing this music with them. I’ve been doing it for a long time, over 20 years, it’s something I enjoy doing immensely. I like the challenge.

Q: The logistics of the tour must be a full-time career. Give us a quick rundown on the staff required.

DD: Between the band and the crew, there are about 28 people on the road with us. We have a 10 piece band on stage, so there is a big ensemble of musicians, then we have the Crew to support. We have a big light show and video projections, so it takes a lot of company.


Q: You are lucky enough to be able to perform internationally. How do the international fans differ from the US? Is one group more fanatical?

DD: The Pink Floyd audience in American is great. The Audience in the UK may be just as passionate about it, but they are a lot more reserved in showing it.

Q: With such a world perspective are there any venues that you especially remember?

DD: We’ve played some amazing venues like Red Rocks in Colorado and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Q: As with every tour it has to be bigger than the last. How does the 2015 Space and Time World Tour compare with 2014?

DD: We haven’t substantially changed the tour. We’re celebrating 50 years of Pink Floyd.

Q: This is so much more than a musical tribute. Give us some details on the special effects that will be displayed.

DD: It’s a big light show and a credible recreation. They were very pioneering in many aspects when it comes to putting on a show in that way. We’ve got the big circular screen. We’ve got lighting. We have animation and film.

Q: You’ve had the opportunity to tour the world that offers a unique perspective. Where is home?

DD: I live in the UK. Where ever I lay my hat and suitcase is my home.

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