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Bronzed Bunny’s Jeni Castro Gives Us Her Glam Go-To’s

Want to Look Like You’ve Lost 10 Pounds or Get Rid of Stubborn Hair? We Have the Answers

Written By: Jody Miller
Photographed By: Shane Lopes Bronzed Bunny

Expert: Jeni Castro
Credentials: Founder and Owner, Bronzed Bunny

Q: Your spa is all about the girly-glam Hollywood vibe. Why do you think that style resonates with people so well?

Jeni Castro: For me, anytime I think of Old Hollywood I think of how it makes me feel. Every single detail in our build out and in our experience is to make our client feel glamorous and feel elegant. I think that Old Hollywood glamour gives you a different play on your typical salon experience, especially when it comes to spray tanning.

Q: Do you offer any body contouring or slimming treatments?

JC: Yes. A spray tan is the fastest way to lose 10 pounds. It literally and completely changes the way you look and feel. Our newest service is called Pure Sculpt. It’s a combination of ice and wood therapy and originated in South America where wood therapy and sculpting is one of the most popular services. It’s almost like the CoolSculpting that is very popular, but for a fraction of the cost with instant results. Pure Sculpt is instant and permanent and it is amazing!

Q: Are your sugaring services less painful than waxing?

JC: I would say it’s painless compared to waxing, but you must know that if you come from shaving, it’s all going to be painful. When we have a new sugar client come in, the best advice I can give them, on top of a Bellini and an organic shot of vodka, is you’re going to have to commit. We really pride ourselves on following up with new clients that start sugaring; we don’t want you to let time go. We need to make sure you stay on top of sugaring, because once you do that, then it gets less painful every time. Every “sugar-ist” goes through our Sugar Bunny Academy. We teach them a whole new style of sugaring. We are really quick, we can do a Bare Naked in about 15 minutes.

Q: Tell us about the Velvet Rabbit.

JC: The Velvet is new to the menu. It is also known as the “vajacial.” If you are going to spend all this time and money on your face, why not do the same thing on your lady parts? We have a lot of women that come from other salons where they do waxing and they come to us because they are left with so many ingrowns and their skin is really sensitive and inflamed ‘down there.’ When you do sugaring you don’t have to worry about that, but if we get somebody that comes in from waxing, they absolutely need Velvet Rabbit just to tame the area.

Q: Tell us more about your competition tanning services.

JC: Competition tanning is for people in the weightlifting and bodybuilding industries. It’s a pretty crazy process. Because when you get on stage, the lights completely drown out your color. That is why it is required they be so dark. It’s a layering effect of the bronzer.

Q: How popular is male body hair removal?

JC: In our LA market, very popular. Because you have men who are doing it out of necessity. They are either modeling or acting and they can’t have ‘stuff’ down there. LA guys are also a little different in general on their maintenance. Orange County is a lot different. They are either coaxed in by a wife or girlfriend. But it’s growing every year. We try to take new male clients on a referral basis.

Bronzed Bunny
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Bronzed Bunny’s Jeni Castro Wants to Bring on the Glam

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