7 Reasons Why Collagen Is Restoring Your Health and the Community Thanks to This Encinitas Local

How BUBS Naturals Collagen Can Help Reveal a Better You

Written By: Anna Keeve
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If you are interested in a simple way to get better hair and skin, as well as improve sports recovery, here is a small tip that might have a big impact: collagen supplements.

Encinitas resident Sean Lake was introduced to collagen in 2016 by his wife, FOX 5 News anchor Heather Lake. She insisted he try it. Skeptically, he did, and to his amazement, in just a few weeks of using, he was stunned: his nails and hair were growing faster, and his knees, for the first time, were not aching after running. But Lake did not just become a dedicated user; he built an entire company, BUBS Naturals, which now sells some of the highest quality collagen supplements on the market. Lake and his Co-Founder TJ Ferrera were inspired to launch BUBS not only because they believed in the product, but to also support the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation (that Lake helped formed in 2013 in memory of his close friend and Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, who was killed in combat Benghazi, Libya.) By giving 10 percent of BUBS’ top-line revenue to the Foundation, they knew they could support the Foundation’s efforts of transitioning veterans into civilian life. And that they have done: through sales of BUBS they have raised $70,000 to date.

But what exactly is collagen? And why collagen supplements? “There is no mad science,” Lake explains. “It’s an all natural single-ingredient product that works. Collagen is essentially the ‘glue’ that holds our bodies together. Collagen supplements actually stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen.” Below, we break down some of the precise ways collagen supports healthy functioning inside and out.

Best Collagen Products

1 | Healthier Hair Best Collagen Products

Healthy hair starts from the root, and collagen works to target that exact area, strengthening each follicle. Studies have shown hair can grow faster and stronger since amino acids (protein building blocks) in collagen are harnessed in the body. This helps with the production of keratin, often found in many topical hair products. But collagen works from the inside, ensuring your locks grow fast and strong.

Native Knowledge: BUBS collaborated with 7 Cold Brew, former Padres pitcher Heath Bell’s company, to create a BUBS Collagen Protein Cold Brew. What’s more, 7 Cold Brew adapted the same charity component for this product and donates 10 percent of the cans sales to the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation.

2 | Longer, Stronger Nails

Nails are like hair in that they grow from the root. Cells form at the root and harden as they extend. Collagen may help reduce brittleness by fortifying the nail while increasing the speed of growth.

3 | Better Skin

Collagen makes up 70 to 80 percent of our skin. In fact, by about age 25, our bodies start to decrease its production of collagen and we lose more than we produce. So with age, we start to see changes in the structural components of the skin lead to visible signs of aging. Collagen plays a major component in our skin, keeping it hydrated and improving elasticity.  People have also reported wrinkle reduction. There are many scientific studies that revealed people who took collagen supplements showed improvement in everything from skin firmness and hydration, to even some reported reduction of acne. With the skin being the largest and most visible organ in the body, who wouldn’t want to keep it youthful and make it its best self?

4 | Relieving Joint Pain

Collagen works to repair cartilage, which is essential for healthy joint function, and as we age, this cartilage depletes. For many people, this leads to osteoarthritis and just overall sore joints. Studies have shown that collagen supplements can relieve joint pain, improving day-to-day movement as well as sports recovery.

Native Knowledge: The name BUBS was inspired by Glen Doherty and the foundation that the product benefits. BUB was his call sign as a Navy Seal.

5 | Building Muscle and Burning Fat Best Collagen Products

Collagen is a critical component for the structural support in our bodies, comprising 90 percent of our connective tissue (which includes tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia.) Collagen contains high amounts of glycine, an amino acid that is responsible for the synthesis of creatine. The body can use this to power through a workout, and it can also aid in recovery.

Native Knowledge: Lake has a couple of his favorite ways to take BUBS. Since it’s odorless and tasteless, it can be added to anything. He likes to mix it in his coffee in the morning but notes it can be added to smoothies or even sprinkled in food.

6 | Reduce Cellulite Best Collagen Products

What’s happening when you see visible forms of cellulite is the fat pushing up against the skin, creating the dimply appearance. There are not many studies that verify. Cellulite is a normal part of aging, and yes, collagen might help reduce the appearance of ‘waves’ in the skin.

7 | Quality Is Key

Collagen supplements are quickly coming into the market as more people discover this best-kept celebrity secret. But know that not all collagen is created equal. Since it’s derived from the bone or hide of a cow, it’s important to ensure your supplements’ producer follows high-standards. That means the cattle are grass-fed, pasture-raised and non-GMO, hormone and rBST-free. For BUBS, this was something they knew from the beginning. “We were not going to cut any corners, and we spent over a year finding the best producer that had these high standards,” says Lake. “I was not going to put anything on the market without it being the best-in-class.”

Native Knowledge: Seaside Market, an Encinitas staple, was the first retail partner to carry BUBS. From there, a handful of other retailers around San Diego started carrying it like Paleo Treats in Normal Heights and the Invictus Gyms in San Diego. (BUBS is also sold on Amazon Prime, and achieved the highly-coveted ‘Amazon Choice’ product status.)

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