Burn Calories in 3 Minutes With MojoCryo in Newport Beach

Chill Out at MojoCryo and You’ll Receive Numerous Health Benefits

Written By: Chelsea Raineri
Photographed By: Andrea Domjan
Model: Jennifer Churchill MojoCryo Newport Beach

You’ve heard of steam rooms, saunas and other ways to sweat out last night’s indulgent behavior, but have you heard of cryotherapy? Celebrities love it, and you’re about to as well. Step inside a cryosauna and you’ll be immersed in temperatures that drop below negative 200-260 degrees. Yes, you read that right, and although it may be hard to fathom, just a few minutes in one of these and you’ll reap numerous health benefits that go beyond weight loss.

MojoCryo in Newport Beach is a cryospa located near Fashion Island, and works to help you accomplish your health, performance and wellness goals. Don’t have an hour for a workout class? Can’t spare 30 minutes for a jog? Not a problem at MojoCryo! Whether you’re looking to reduce pain or prevent your skin from aging, this cryospa only needs a few minutes of your time—and they give you socks, gloves and Uggs to wear!

The list of benefits for cryotherapy are endless, but MojoCryo puts recovery, anti-aging, weight loss and wellness at the top of the list.


Impress your teammates with your new and improved athletic performance. Cryotherapy helps to reduce pain and swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties, allowing 50 percent less recovery time.

Beauty and Anti-Aging

Beauty might be pain, but at MojoCryo you can expect a wide range of benefits that you won’t find at other places. Once you step back into room temperature after your skin is exposed to the cold, your blood vessels will dilate and new blood that has been enriched with oxygen comes to the surface giving you a more youthful appearance.

Weight Loss

It may be chilly, but the cold helps to boost your metabolism and burn calories. You also will get a boost of energy, allowing you to work harder throughout the day and in turn, burn more calories!


Find yourself tired throughout the day, or feel that you don’t get enough sleep? Cryotherapy helps with that as well! Using a cryosauna will help you sleep better, relax and reduce stress. What’s better than that?

Major Laser: Low level laser therapy, which is a custom laser designed specifically for MojoCryo, is soon to come! It will penetrate through the cells all the way to the bone and can help to reduce the pain that comes from peripheral neuropathy, a burning pain that comes from exposure to chemotherapy.

The Bigger the Better: MojoCryo will be expanding to become a full, athletic recovery med spa. Stay tuned!

Legs for Days: A medical grade Boa Pro will soon be offered to treat cellulite, reduce the appearance of spider veins and tighten legs. It will also target your glutes and abs as well!

2091 San Joaquin Hills Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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