How This San Diego Company Is Keeping Spirits High and Bringing Craft Products to Market

This Local Distiller Has a Knack For More Than Just Booze and Brews

Written By: Jaclyn Keagy
Photography Provided By: Toby Ogden California Spirits

Launching a business requires passion, dedication and an unwavering work ethic. Just ask President Sam Alexander of California Spirits, the Poway-based, full-service beverage co-packer. The team has not only successfully built their own business, brand and reputation, they have since shifted focus from manufacturing their own products to kick-starting brands for clients. Through this unique business model, the road to success is continually paved.

California Spirits made the shift in 2018 from an independent craft beverage distillery to a large beverage co-packing facility, bottling cans of beer, seltzers and soft drinks for companies everywhere. This would turn out to be the best decision for their business, swiftly taking the industry by storm. Alexander recalls his meeting with co-founder Casey Miles: “The idea was to take his incubation business and create a beverage co-packer that could produce products for anybody who wanted to get into the beverage business, who wanted to start their own brand and create something new or fun or different.” Together, they remastered what was Miles’ distillery business and turned it into something unlike anything else in the beverage industry. Since their shift, the packing company has seen unimagined growth, rising from 17,000 to 100,000 cans per day. 

Despite the massive production numbers, California Spirits truly takes time for their clients, serving as a true one-stop shop for business development of beverage brands everywhere. “We do the formulation, marketing, graphic design, social media, sales—the whole nine yards,” Alexander explains. 

The team’s full-force brand development and marketing services make them a true stand-out in the industry, something not found anywhere else. Supporting new emerging brands as well as continuing to attract large multinational brands, they cover the entire swath of the industry. They also make affordable production a priority in an effort to assist smaller brands and challenge the norm. “You’d typically go to a traditional co-packer and pay these exorbitant fees to produce, and it’s really difficult to get your brand off the ground,” Alexander explains. Running their packaging at extremely low rates heavily assists in building up-and-coming brands, making room for growth in the industry and fostering a sense of community.

The future for California Spirits bears endless possibilities. Creating one beloved beverage brand in itself is a huge feat, but guiding others’ businesses through to fruition is one that poses neverending challenges. Thankfully, these challenges keep the passion alive for the team, as Alexander boasts, “Everyday is a new unique challenge or project; it’s a constant creative, fun atmosphere that keeps everyone really engaged.”

Embarking on new projects and passing along knowledge and expertise not only maintains California Spirits’ high reputation within the industry, but continues to challenge the standard development process. With so many beverage brand hopefuls crossing their fingers for success, there is no better mentor than one that has found it for themselves.

California Spirits
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