Calling All Men! Dr. Robert Kessler Answers Your Questions About Male Plastic Surgery

Calling All Men! Dr. Robert Kessler Answers The Questions You’ve Been Wanting to Ask About Male Plastic Surgery

Written By: Angela Hatcher Male Plastic Surgery

Although women have been enjoying the benefits of facelifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction for years, cosmetic surgery for men is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its many benefits and advantages. There are many reasons to improve one’s image. Whether guys are reentering the dating scene, trying to stay competitive on the job, struggling to combat the signs of aging, or simply choosing to gain self-confidence and look as young as they feel, they are clamoring to the “for men only” list of options and discovering that cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing experience for men as well as women. Dr. Robert Kessler is a renowned, dedicated, and highly skilled surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery for both men and women.

Q: Is there one male cosmetic procedure that stands out from the rest? If so, what makes it so popular?

Dr. Robert Kessler: American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons annual statistics rank the top plastic surgical procedures men have as Liposuction…Upper eyelid surgery…Male breast reduction surgery [and] Male Facelift.

Q: Who would be the best candidate for the Male Facelift? What are the some of the biggest advantages for this procedure?

RK: As a group we are living longer and with a better quality of life than prior generations. We are more interested in looking as good as we feel and surgical procedures have made dramatic improvements in the way we address the aging face. Attention to details have made facial rejuvenation surgery nearly undetectable. Placement of incisions to preserve hairlines which are not seen with even the shortest of hair make these procedures more attractive to men who do not have the advantage of makeup and changing hair styles to camouflage the scars. Volume addition to the face to restore youthful fullness with fat transfer is another great addition to the surgical facelift. Minimizing downtime makes these procedures more practical for today’s lifestyles.

Q: Is Male Eyelid Surgery considered to be something that makes a significant change in a man’s appearance?

RK: Eyelid surgery makes a significant improvement in the facial appearance. Often times the eyebrow position needs to be addressed as well with a brow lift to yield the true youthful appearance they once had. Attention must be paid to the appearance of the eyelids, brow position and face of the individual when they were younger as true rejuvenation makes an individual look like they did when they were younger. These procedures should not change the way you look as we have seen too often in very public figures such as Kenny Rogers. He had full upper lids and when this volume was removed his look was completely different. I would argue not for the better.

Q: Is Male Liposuction typically meant for someone who has lost a great deal of weight?

RK: Liposuction is a body contouring operation for men and women. It is not performed to reduce an individual’s weight. Typically someone who has lost a great deal of weight will have lax skin which requires surgical removal. Liposuction in individuals with loose skin will make the skin more loose, worsening the aesthetic appearance.

There have been many modifications of the original liposuction techniques over the years. The greatest addition has been the addition of tumescent solutions to control blood loss and assist with pain control. Energy-based technology have not contributed greatly in my opinion. Well performed tumescent liposuction remains the gold standard.

Q: How does Male Breast Reduction differ from female breast reduction? Why is there a need for this type of procedure in men?

RK: Female breast reduction is usually performed for symptoms such as neck and back pain due to the excessive weight of the breast gland. Male breast reduction is performed for cosmetic reasons although there is a small but real incidence of male breast cancer which must be understood. The development of male breast tissue is caused by hormonal changes, certain medications and familial disposition. Although there is glandular tissue, the majority of the contour is due to fat accumulation. As such, a large component of the surgery can be performed by liposuction through minimal incisions. Male breasts generally do not have a significant excess of skin making the need for large incisions infrequent. Of note, the incidence of surgical correction of gynecomastia went up by 26 percent compared with 2014.

Q: Do you think there was ever a stigma about Botox being “just for women”? Why do you believe that there has been such an increase in men’s interest in Botox?

RK: There is absolutely a stigma about the entire aesthetic industry being “just for women.” To date, men make up 10-15 percent of cosmetic practice clients yet they are 50 percent of the population. From a facial perspective we age the same way. Facial lines and volume loss does not discriminate based on gender. Recent statistics demonstrate the population is increasingly overweight, also not a gender discriminator yet women do far more procedures than men. Until recently there has been a double standard, we hear “men getter better looking with age.” I think this may be true to a point but once that point is reached they better find a good plastic surgeon.

Q: Are men of a certain age considering Derma Fillers, or are you treating men of all ages for this procedure? Why does this procedure last so long?

RK: Men are discovering dermal fillers, a product women have known about for years. Dermal fillers are perfect for men who generally don’t want pain or downtime. Impressive changes can be made in minutes with today’s fillers. I call it Photoshop. Ten minutes and you look 10 years younger and no one knows what you’ve done. We even have products that last 18 months now so repeat visits are fewer and farther apart.

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