Camping Essentials
Photo by Andrew Peluso on Unsplash
Camping Essentials
Photo by Andrew Peluso on Unsplash

Elevate Your Camping Experience With These 9 Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

Camping Can Be Intense…It’s Important to Come Prepared!

Nothing says summer quite like planning an epic camping trip along the coast! Whether you prefer beach camping or a weekend in the mountains, California makes for one of the best camping destinations in the entire country. However, being prepared and having the right camping essentials are necessary to ensure that you have a “peak” experience in terms of comfort, convenience and pleasure. We’ve put together a list of nine essential items that’ll take your camping experience to the next level! From refreshing Dogfish Head Canned Cocktails to the comfiest sleeping bag on the market, you’ll want to pack these items for an unrivaled experience in the great outdoors. Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials

1 | Dogfish Head Canned Cocktails


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These opportune beverages make it so that you don’t have to pack any bar cart essentials—just pop the top and sip away! Dogfish Head is most known for crafting an assortment of refreshing beers and IPAs. The company, however, has recently expanded its selection of beverages with Dogfish Head Canned Cocktails. These convenient cocktails come in three different flavors of Cherry Bergamot Whiskey Sour, Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda and Strawberry and Honeyberry Vodka Lemonade. These ready-to-drink cocktails are made with Dogfish Head’s housemade spirits, giving them a fresher and more real flavor than what is most often found in canned cocktails. They’re the perfect camping essential for sipping by the fire or enjoying after a grueling hike.

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2 | Welly Kit Camping Essentials

Though camping is a common hobby and summertime activity, it is important to place safety as a priority when roughing it. That’s why packing a Welly Kit will ensure that no matter what trouble you face, there is at least some form of aid present. Welly Kits provide several different options for emergency care; the most essential to have when camping is the basic First Aid Kit, but if you want to be extra prepared, check out their top notch Excursion Kit!

3 | Poler Reversible Napsack

Comfortable sleeping accommodations while camping is an absolute must in order to ensure you have enough energy for your adventure-filled days. While there are several different options for sleeping bags and knapsacks, this Poler Reversible Napsack is a real winner in terms of comfort and convenience. This is able to be worn as a jacket, allowing you to walk around freely in warmth and protection before crawling back into your tent at the end of the evening and sleeping like a baby!


4 | Egoe Nestbox

For those who want to turn regular camping into a glamping experience, the Egoe Nestbox might be exactly what you need to make your camping dreams come true! This unique module turns the back of your car into a virtual caravan, creating the opportunity to cook, store food and other items so you can settle down in style. The Egoe Nestbox also comes in different sizes in order to accommodate several different models and makes of cars. 


5 | Revel Gear String Lights

Add some luxury and set the mood with a strand of magical camping string lights from Revel Gear. These 30-foot-long lights plug into any USB port or battery, making them very portable and easy to use. Not only does adding string lights to your list of essentials contribute to the overall ambiance of your camping experience, but it also is a functional addition that allows for you to add some extra lighting for safety purposes. 


6 | Trailmate Journey 70-Quart Cooler

A camping necessity that can easily be overlooked is a heavy duty cooler. This Igloo cooler is perfect for keeping your perishables and beverages cold and clean! Best of all, it’s built with mobility in mind, making it super easy to transport and travel with. This cooler even features cup holders and a food basket, meaning that your items can stay organized and safe while you’re on the move and at the campsite. 


7 | Yellow Leaf Signature Hammock

Having a comfortable hammock is an absolute must when setting up the ultimate campsite. Being able to lounge and relax while immersed in nature is something you don’t want to miss. The Yellow Leaf Signature Hammock is perfect in terms of comfort and durability, as it boasts an ultra-soft material that will have you melting away in utter bliss. Pair this hammock with the string lights mentioned above to make your camping experience something straight out of a storybook! 


8 | Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

If eating well is still a top priority, then investing in this Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven is a game-changer. Since it’s gas powered, this easily transportable pizza oven can be used virtually anywhere, making it a truly luxurious essential. With the power to bake a 12-inch pizza in just 60 seconds, this portable oven is sure to be the highlight of your camping trip. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy a homemade pizza in the wilderness?! 


9 | Jackery Portable Power Station

Perhaps the most practical and important item of all when camping is a reliable power source. The Jackery Portable Power Station is an outdoor solar generator that has 3 USB ports, 1 AC outlet, 2 DC ports and 1 car port that can power everything from a mini fridge to a TV. It comes with clear instructions for easy setup, meaning you don’t have to be a technology expert to use it. It’s also on the smaller side, so it won’t take up too much room in your car. Trust us, always come prepared. 

Camping Essentials

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