Surfas Culinary District Costa Mesa Provides Hands-On Cooking Classes

Written By: Tamara Philips Surfas Culinary District Costa Mesa

Surfas Culinary District at SOCO in Costa Mesa not only sells every cooking/baking utensil you can possibly imagine, but provides hands-on cooking/baking classes as well! It’s such a treat to be guided through the process of creating quality food and baked goods with quality ingredients. If you can’t walk away with the skills of the chef instructor, you’ll at least gain an appreciation for the end product when using pure and fresh ingredients.

Last weekend, Surfas hosted the French Desserts course, and let me tell you—it was literally a finger-licking good time. The class created three French desserts from scratch: Chocolate Glazer Eclair with Espresso Pastry Cream, Caramel Apple Tatin, and Fruit Tarts with Apricot Glaze. Even though the class is only three hours, with the ingredients already set aside for you, it makes baking all of these dishes in the allotted time completely doable. And if making dishes from scratch intimidates you, let me put you at ease—anyone can do this class! The chef and her assistants guide you through the entire process. If our team could manage to make caramel without burning it, anything is possible in the kitchen. Trust me.

The best part about the class is that Chef Rose encourages you to feel and taste all of the ingredients going into the dish (only after you’ve washed your hands, of course!)—it’s part of the whole process to understand the role each ingredient plays in the mixture. For example, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the texture of the dough for the tart shell, seeing as it can become too clumpy. Though you’ll stick your hand in to feel the mixture, try to refrain from licking your fingers—you’ll use a tester spoon to try it later!

After making all the desserts, you can choose to chow down in the Surfas kitchen or box up your baked goodies to take home and show off your newly learned (or improved) baking skills! You can even take all of the recipes home with step-by-step instructions to recreate the dishes all over again. There are events and classes beyond baking almost every weekend for all of you foodies out there.

Most recently, Super Bowl weekend had a great lineup of classes. February 4th attendees learned from Chef Alexa Mata how to make Southern Comfort food with favorites like Hush Puppies with a Jalapeno Honey Butter, Bourbon Baked Chicken, Collard Greens, and Macaroni and Cheese. Then on February 5th, the class learned how to bake Valentine’s Day treats with Chef Mike Rolon. Desserts on the agenda included hand-made caramels, Rouchers (candied nuts dipped in chocolate), Chambord Mousse Individual Tarts in Chocolate Shells, and Individual Lava Cakes. You may leave a tad plumper from these classes, but hey, these tasty desserts make it worth it.

Surfas Culinary District
3309 Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Make French Desserts at Surfas Culinary District Costa Mesa

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