An Inside Look at Caliva—East LA’s Top Dispensary

A year of anxiety, uncertainty and one too many Zoom calls have many of us at our wit’s end. At this point, finding ways to relax and destress may seem impossible. We’ve tried everything from essential oils and bubble baths to green tea and a nightly glass of wine—but nothing seems to give us that peace of mind we had pre-pandemic. If you’re out of ideas, it’s time to try something new! Caliva is a premium cannabis company dedicated to providing plant-based solutions and wellness options.  Cannabis Delivery Los Angeles

Caliva’s premier focus is rooted in health, happiness and healing. The company’s passion for wellness products has allowed them to grow from a simple retail store to a house of brands that cultivates in-house and offers a wide assortment of products through its delivery service. Caliva houses a collection of brands under their umbrella, each with their own individual identities, including Fun Uncle, DELI and their in-house line of Caliva products. It’s even one of the few places you can purchase MONOGRAM products—the brand born out of their partnership with Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter, which offers highly curated, hand-selected, premium flower. From edibles and vape pens to pre-rolls and buds, Caliva’s premium selection allows customers to find what they love or try something new.

“Caliva’s DELI store concept located in Bellflower, focuses on delivering a friendly neighborhood experience while offering a wide selection of products and deli-style with counter service.”

Caliva’s DELI store concept, located in Bellflower, focuses on delivering a friendly neighborhood experience while offering a wide selection of products and deli-style counter service. DELI’s signature Nickel gummies come in a host of fruity and delicious flavors at a lower price than you would typically find elsewhere.

When shopping with Caliva, you can ensure you are getting the highest standards of integrity, positivity, consistency, transparency and commitment to growth. The company’s chief cultural officer is a shaman practitioner, and she even blesses their plants with positivity weekly. If you’re new to the cannabis world, don’t be overwhelmed. Caliva offers personal recommendations through phone or video consultations with a wellness consultant. They will help you find the best product for you. 

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This California-based company has retail locations in Bellflower and San Jose, and their products can be found at over 200 dispensaries across California. So go ahead, relax after a long day at work or make it a chill weekend at home—Caliva is making it easy for you. 

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