Reap the Holistic Health Benefits of CBD at The Lighthouse Dispensary in Coachella

This Coachella Dispensary Is Shining the Light on all Things Cannabis for a Healthier You

Written By: Lauren McClarren
Photography By: Dylan White Cannabis Dispensary in Coachella

The Lighthouse Cannabis Boutique is a unique and modern dispensary located in Coachella, CA. Cultivating a new standard in the ever-growing legalized marijuana scene, the state-of-the-art location is set up like an upscale coffee shop, a bright and airy space equipped with a welcoming staff bursting with knowledge. Their eagerness to help those looking for alternative medicine comes from their passion for marijuana to be used for more than just getting stoned. “We’re not just another pot shop,” Jennifer Montgomery, the General Manager of the dispensary states. “We’re different and pulling folks away from the misperceptions and stereotypes about cannabis and those that use it.”

One way The Lighthouse is separating themselves from the rest of the pack is by focusing on educating the public about the holistic benefits of CBD. Their cannabis consultants are trained to know what strains of marijuana will provide which specific reliefs. “We take the scientific knowledge we have about cannabis, which is constantly evolving, along with consumer feedback on what helps them the most to enable us to make the best recommendations to our customers regarding the right products and dosing,” Montgomery says.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has been hailed as an all healing antidote ready to remedy an array of health ailments. Advocates of CBD boast of its miraculous ability to help a variety of medical issues, from diabetes to epileptic seizures to mood disorders to insomnia. CBD comes from the Cannabis sativa plant, the same species that produces hemp and marijuana. The oil is extracted from the resin of its buds and flowers and most often diluted with another oil such as MCT, which is usually pulled from coconut oil. Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain the psychoactive compound that gets you high, but the calming and relaxed feelings are still present. The health hype of CBD comes from its ability to interact with almost every system in our bodies such as digestive, reproductive and immune systems. For those who prefer an alternative to medications, such as narcotics, CBD is viewed as a better option to help improve specific conditions.

At The Lighthouse, they believe education is key to helping those in need—by clearing the smoke, they are able to enlighten the community of the potential benefits. Montgomery arranges “field trips” for seniors to the dispensary where they learn about the products and their possible healing effects, thus dispelling any negative assumptions or preconceived notions they may have had. One of the most important bits of information for potential clients is how much someone should be consuming or using. Proper application and quantity are highly significant for maximum efficacy. “The dosage is very important to ensure people have the best experience possible. Taking the wrong dosage is usually what leads people to have negative experiences,” says Montgomery. Although California State Law mandates correct dosages are to be on packaging, The Lighthouse staff will still make suggestions based on the client and their ailment. The consultants create a tailored and personal experience by helping clients determine the root cause of their issue and then finding the best products to fit their needs.

An assortment of applications are available such as lotions, tinctures, oils, vape pens, bath salts and more. Many topicals work by massaging the product directly onto the affected area, while other products provide a more overall soothing effect. Some of their bestselling and most recommended products include a topical balm by Care by Design, which is used for relieving aching joints and sore muscles as well as a tincture by Papa & Barkley used for pain and inflammation, administered orally. California recently passed a law requiring all marijuana products sold to be tested extensively for safety. Every product sold at The Lighthouse Cannabis Boutique is compliant with these regulations.

The Lighthouse Cannabis Boutique
84160 Ave 48
Coachella, CA 92236
442.256.3627 Cannabis Dispensary in Coachella

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