Carlsbad to Welcome New Foodie Paradise Park 101

New Dining and Drink Concept Will Be New Hip Weekend Spot

Written By: Will Lange Park 101 Carlsbad

What makes a perfect day in Carlsbad? Imagine starting off at the farmers market. You browse local crafts, buy fresh produce and have a light morning snack. Then, of course, you head to the beach. Strolling down the sand, you take in the salt air and sun and feel two things—refreshed and starving! Obviously, you’d head into the village again in search of grub, but where to go? With the sun shining down you don’t want to sit inside a dark restaurant, plus everything is packed. Park 101 Carlsbad

Enter Park 101. Park 101 Carlsbad

This brave new concept, located right on Coast Highway 101, promises to literally change the landscape. But it isn’t a restaurant or a bar or a park. Instead, it’s a multi-concept gathering place that’s a little bit of all three. It’s a large, hip space, with indoor and outdoor areas sure to be a blast for everyone. Once you pass the threshold, you’ll find a myriad of wonders. There’s a market, grab-and-go, craft beer and wine and even a gorgeous rooftop deck serving gourmet snacks.

Spearheading the project is Pete Cich (of Pacific Beach’s Duck Dive and Mission Beach’s Miss B’s Coconut Club). The story begins when he happened upon the space and realized it could be used for something truly special. Due to unique zoning, the property, which housed the El Corral pottery store for over 60 years was capable of being both retail and restaurant. It was from this combination he said he knew he could “create a gathering place where locals could congregate and share our passion for family and fun.”

What will it look like? Brian Church Architecture (known for the gorgeous Solterra Winery in Leucadia) has designed a one-of-a-kind structure.Among it’s many features are clean, modern lines with plenty of organic touches. There will be loads of open space and benches and trees to provide shade and comfort. The idea, is that between all of the 8, 000 square-foot space, patrons will have just about everything they want, without having to sit down and wait for formal service. Plus—it’s mostly outside!

For years the scene in Carlsbad Village has been a little quieter than other areas of San Diego. Like much of North County it’s more family-oriented. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t always been home plenty of great restaurants. It’s simply sat unchanged for years. Lately there’s been a resurgence  of new business. Along with Park 101, new shops and restaurants are coming in with fresh ideas, changing the face of the area and bringing a more diverse vibe.

What is certain is that nothing like this has been done before, at least in San Diego. Just take a look at the renderings and it’s clear. Driving by, you can see the framing up all around and it shines with potential. Opening in late January of 2017, Park 101 is sure to be a hit with locals and visitors alike. So come down, grab a glass of wine or a pint of beer and enjoy the latest and greatest Carlsbad has to offer. We’ll meet you there!

Plan on visiting this amazing new space toward the end of January in 2017.

3040 Carlsbad Blvd,  Park 101 Carlsbad
Carlsbad, CA 92008 Park 101 Carlsbad

Park 101 Comes to Carlsbad Park 101 Carlsbad

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