Casey Reinhardt Shares Her New Successes

Written By: Nicole Fera

Photographed By: Nancy Villere

In 2012, Locale Magazine featured an amazing, young entrepreneur by the name of Casey Reinhardt. Reinhardt first stepped into the spotlight in her senior year of High School as part of the cast on the popular TV show, Laguna Beach. After high school, she went on to start her cupcake empire, Casey’s Cupcakes, which has continued to grow throughout the years. She has won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, grown her company to be a huge part of the California dessert scene and somehow found the time to give more than a little back to her community. This passionate woman has been working hard since she graced our cover, and she was kind enough to sit down with me and let us know what she’s been up to.


Q: When Locale last caught up with you in 2012 you were in the midst of opening up your fourth cupcake location in Irvine. How are those four stores doing since then?

Casey Reinhardt: Fantastic! I have such a great team who share my passion for providing exceptional customer service, a unique experience, and delicious, glamorous cupcakes.

Q: Have you opened any new locations?

CR: Yes! In addition to The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa and Fashion Island, we opened three new locations at Woodbury Town Center – Irvine, Irvine Spectrum Center and Bella Terra – Huntington Beach.

Q: Future plans to open up a new location?

CR: We are looking to expand to San Diego, Los Angeles, and scouting other locations across the United States and internationally.

Q: What are you in the process of working on now for Casey’s cupcakes?

CR: Ice Cream! We just launched our cupcake infused ice cream available by the pint and half pint. AND … we now offer ice cream injected cupcakes at our Irvine Spectrum and Mission Inn locations. Both of our new ice cream products are to die for … cake and ice cream are the perfect match!

Q: Do you have a favorite or a unique flavor of cupcake that you’re offering right now?

CR: On June 1st we introduced the brand new Cutie Frutie. Check out my website to get all of the yummy details at

Q: What inspires you to come up with all of these amazing creations?

CR: I am inspired by everything around me and I use those inspirations to create beautiful and delicious food. Like fashion, my cupcakes and their accessories are always keeping up with the trends.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the C.A.S.E.Y Foundation and all the amazing work you’ve been doing with it?

CR: I founded the C.A.S.E.Y. Foundation in 2002, Children’s Alliance for the Success and Education of Youth. My foundation was established through my long-time passion for helping children build their self-esteem by focusing on academics and extracurricular activities. I also work closely with Olive Crest and Make-A-Wish-Foundation. I have had the opportunity to work with Make a Wish, Olive Crest Children’s Foundation, as well as the Kelly J. Roberts Private Foundation and Mary S. Roberts Foundation.

Q: Do you still keep in touch with your Laguna Beach castmates and friends?

CR: Yes, I do keep in touch with a few of my Laguna Beach friends.

Q: How has that experience, if at all, affected your life and acting career?

CR: It was a great experience! I look back and love seeing my senior year captured in a video diary.

Q: Where do you find the time to accomplish and juggle so much?

CR: I believe that everything can be accomplished with focus and balance. I also have a very supportive family, great friends and an exceptional team at Casey’s Cupcakes.

Q: What do you like to do on your down time?

CR: I love to work out, spend time with family and friends, travel and yachting with my family. We pick a new and different exotic location a few times of year! It’s such a special and luxurious getaway!

Q: What is something that our readers might not know about you?

CR: I am an MMA brown belt!


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