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With Rare Items Galore, London Coin Gallery has Something for Everyone

Written By: Annie Qi Celebrating National Coin Week with London Coin Gallery
Photographed By: Alex Gomez

These days it seems there is a national day for everything. From National Hairball Awareness Day to National Doughnut Day, there’s always a reason to celebrate the little and, sometimes odd, things in life.

Thirty-three years ago Ronald Reagan decided that coins were so important, they needed not just their own day, but their own week. This year, the event is recognized from April 17-23 as a time for people to get to know the history behind coinage and paper money.

Just before National Coin Week starts, we had a chance to talk with Denise Ruiz, the manager of London Coin Galleries at the Shops in Mission Viejo.

During our conversation, we spoke about the history behind the store. The name originates from the store’s first location, London, where owner John Saunders turned his passion for coin collecting into a great business venture. Four years later, he returned to the states and re-opened his store in the Shops of Mission Viejo during the mall’s inception.

More than 30 years later, the store continues to encourage coin collectors of all ages. Home to excellent starter coins, such as presidential dollars and state quarters, bullion coins for investors interested in metal content, a varied supply of foreign coins and different grades of American currency, there are collections for experts to novices, alike.

Additionally, the shop carries an extensive selection of estate and vintage jewelry, watches, gold, silver, precious stones and name brands. For the best of both worlds, there’s also a selection of coin jewelry.

To build children’s interest in coin collecting, they offer an array of coin collecting books, albums, state and national park quarters, and presidential dollars, to get them started.

During National Coin Week, the store is offering 10 percent off Coin Collecting for Kids’ books and a free Harris Lincoln Cent Book with the purchase of 100 different date wheat cents. You can also to talk to their in-house numismatist, Dave Baker, who has been an avid coin collector for over 50 years. His extensive knowledge will transport you to the  beginning days of coin minting.

While visiting the store, take a peek at the wide range of estate jewelry to get an idea for the upcoming Mother’s Day sale which will be begin April 24 until May 8.

For more information, please visit www.londoncoinmissionviejo.com.


London Coin Gallery
27 Shops At Mission Viejo
Mission Viejo, CA 92691