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It’s Chow Challenge Time with OC’s Favorite Foodie

By : Bobby Navarro Challenge Accepted: Best OC Food Challenges
Photos by: Albert Evangelista

Bobby Navarro, creator of 100eats100days is a collector of edible experiences, and promoter of personal adventure. After dining at 100 highly recognized eateries in 100 consecutive days (twice), LOCALE Magazine dared him to uncover the biggest, hottest, and most outrageous dining challenges that Orange County has to offer.

CHOW CHALLENGE 1: The Burnt Truck

Pulling up to the OC Fair grounds on Thursday afternoon (and now Wednesday nights) is not unfamiliar. Gourmet Food Trucks line the lot in front of the Pacific Amphitheater and you can always find a crowd around one matte-black truck, The Burnt Truck. The Burnt Truck’s eating challenge was inspired by this year’s OC Fair competition: to see who could quickly consume a combination of nine different flavors of The Burnt Truck’s upscale sliders and a box full of tots (those crispy little spud balls you might remember getting on your childhood lunch trays) in under 15 minutes.. When presented, it looks like an edible mountain, drippings and smells of all kinds layered over one another. The cheese from the cheeseburger slider melted on top of the PBJ slider, which was also slathering the Korean BBQ slider with pretzel-infused peanut butter. Each slider had its own bold identity, but merged with the one another as if to create a tasty Picasso.

Challenge Completed: Yes
Timer Set At: 15 minutes
Prize: The satisfaction of eating 9 sliders and getting your picture on the Burnt Truck’s 32-inch LCD for one week.
Weight: Over 3 pounds of sliders and tots.
Cost: under $20
Address: Visit the truck at the OC Fair on Thursday Afternoon at 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA
Hours: Visit www.theburnttruck.com for the most current schedule

CHOW CHALLENGE 2: Heroes in Fullerton

Tucked away in the SoCo district of Fullerton in a sports bar with over 100 beers on tap and 36 television screens is this behemoth of breakfast. Sunday is the only day to conquer the Heroes three-pound-pancake challenge, amongst all the other warped breakfast items on the menu. When you visualize a stack of six flapjacks, you picture a glass of OJ and an approachable pile of griddled batter. . Each of the Heroes’ pancakes was like any pancake should be, light, airy, but. . it was trying to take a bite from each of the six that became slightly overwhelming. It seemed to change the fluffy edibles into a dense thundercloud, with droplets of maple syrup and butter. But this was a morning feast on magical hormones! If you can manage to dominate this heap of hotcakes you get the entire thing for free, but with cakes that could cover a small child’s head, be prepared to lose this dare.

Challenge Completed: Yes
Timer Set At: 20 minutes
Prize: Your pancakes for free!
Weight: 3 pounds
Cost: $10.95
Address: 125 W Santa Fe Ave, Fullerton, CA
Phone: (714) 738-4356
Hours: Breakfast on Sunday from 10am to 2pm
Sunday- Thursday 11am to 11pm
Friday- Saturday 11am to 1am

CHOW CHALLENGE 3: Blake’s Place

Amongst the warehouses and faceless buildings of this industrial part of Anaheim, you will be surprised to see a beehive of excitement buzzing around this undistinguished location. Walking into this bustling gem made me feel like I was stepping into a scene from “Cheers.” Owned and operated by Sandy and Gene Hobel, Blake’s Place has been cooking up great BBQ for the past 16 years, but “The Beast” has really put them on the map. With a twenty-minute time limit to massacre over two and a half pounds of pulled pork, pulled chicken, chopped beef, coleslaw, onions, and some pretty dense buns, this challenge is definitely no walk in the park. . It seems that the most popular method would be to eat enough of the delicious BBQ meat and cole slaw center to be able to make a mouth-safe-size sandwich. I think saving this bread-packed bun last, would be any challenger’s downfall. Since 2009, two hundred and forty-six people have attempted Blake’s Beast Challenge and only half have succeeded. For you rookie food eating challengers out there, this is a great way to get your appetite in the ring.

Challenge Completed: Yes
Timer Set At: 20 minutes
Prize: Beastmaster T-Shirt
Weight: Under 3 pounds
Cost: $15.99
Address: 2901 E Miraloma Ave # 1 Anaheim, CA
Phone: (714) 630-8574
Hours: 11am to 8pm daily

CHOW CHALLENGE 4: Clancy’s Clubhouse

Clancy’s Clubhouse is the high-end sports bar only your classy girlfriend could dream up for you. Not only are there televisions lining every inch of the ceiling perimeter, but also giant iPad-like screens that keep you informed of specials, upcoming events, and of course, the newest challenge in town! We had the chance to view the unveiling of what could be the hottest hot wings that Orange County has to offer. As soon as Clancy’s Stupid Hot Wings came out of the kitchen, everyone’s nose started to tingle, and the overconfident customer has no idea that this sensation is only the beginning. When Clancy’s Stupid Hot Wings touch your lips, it feels like a swarm of bee stings. Without the house-made dressings or any liquid to cool it down, I can’t think of any ultimate eater that could tackle this food test.

Challenge Completed: Not yet.
Timer Set At: “Good Luck getting to the end”
Prize: Free plate of wings
Weight: 3 pounds
Cost: $23.00
Address: 2191 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA
Phone: (714) 750-7500
Hours: Monday- Friday 4pm to Midnight
Saturday- Sunday 11:30 to Midnight

CHOW CHALLENGE 5: La Casa Garcia

Frank Garcia, owner of La Casa Garcia, only dreams big. With authentic Mexican food as the backbone of his restaurants, he brings a sense of life and inspiration to his future. “The King, ” a five-pound burrito, is normally offered by the restaurant as a catering option to groups, but it has gained enough popularity to make it to the main menu. Garcia really puts heart into his burritos, adding tender rice, marinated meat, traditional beans, cheese, and lettuce all wrapped in a tortilla, because as Garcia says, “you can eat anything with a tortilla.” Each “King” burrito is drenched in Garcia’s special Hispanic gravy (a house-made enchilada sauce, and my favorite ingredient of this big burrito). Garcia says people come in all the time to try their hand, or stomach, some pooling money together to see who can finish this fiesta bundle first! The only rule is “you can’t stay all day, ” and if you think you can manage five pounds of authentic Mexican flavor, I challenge you to try the 10-pound burrito.

Challenge Completed: Yes
Time: “You just can’t be here all day.”
Prize: Free “The King” Burrito
Weight: 5 pounds
Cost: $15.95
Address: 531 W Chapman Ave, Anaheim, CA
Phone: (714) 740-1108
Hours: Mon-Thu 8 am – 10 pm
Fri-Sat 8 am – 11 pm


We brought an old favorite back into the ring, but with a twist. The Catch’s OMG Burger has been getting hype since its inception, and now it can be done with a little something extra. The burger is named after the reaction it gets as it is walked through the dining room to a party willing to order it, and the reaction from us was just as great as we saw this monster burger being prepared. The casino and brisket mix of meat weighs in at about five and a half pounds before cooking. After the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and the Sundevil mix are added on two glistening buns, the burger tops the charts at about eight and a half pounds! The Sundevil mix consists of jalapeños, peperoncinis and onions, battered and then fried, which you can addto any burger, but we were the first to get it on the OMG, and it was delicious. The Sundevil Mix added a nice kick to the perfectly cooked five-pound patty. The burger had to be cut like a pie, and it was a slice fit for a king. The meat itself could’ve won any burger patron over, flavor dripping down your fingers and a tenderness that is not always easy to achieve. Only one person has ever conquered this monstrosity, and he happened to be a professional eater, so new rule: Rookies Only!

Challenge Completed: Yes, but if you aren’t a pro, good luck.
Timer set at: 25 minutes
Prize: Free Burger and a $500 cash prize
Weight: About 8 pounds
Cost: Starts at $59.99
Address: 2100 E Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA
Phone: (714) 935-0101
Hours: Lunch 11:30- 4
Monday- Friday 4- 10
Saturday 5- 10
Sunday 5- 9

CHOW CHALLENGE 7: First Class Pizza

The First Class Pizza in Irvine is the only one of this chain offering up the Porker Pizza Challenge. The extra large Porker Pizza is not something to be taken lightly. With two pounds of dough and 4 pounds of pepperoni, Canadian bacon, meatballs, sausage, and bacon pieces, get ready for a major pig fix. As you hold the slice of pizza in your hand, it could almost be mistaken for a heavy wallet. Each bite was packed with so many different pork flavors, a hint of smoke, a mild spice, and so much cheese stretching from slice to slice, who could resist? The lunch crowd is really lively for a restaurant that seems out of the way, and after having some of their pie, I understood why. If you don’t think a six-pound pizza is your thing, get a regular size and finish with a Cinna-za, a dessert pizza worth squeezing in that extra room.

Challenge Completed: Undefeated.
Timer set at: 25 minutes
Prize: Free Porker Pizza
Weight: 6 pounds
Cost: $29.39
Address: 6420 Irvine Blvd, Irvine, CA
Phone: (949) 552-5358
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am – 9 pm
Fri-Sat 11 am – 10 pm