Chatting With the Anaheim Ducks

Orange County’s Hockey Team Show Their Support at the Lady Ducks Fashion Show

Written By: Blake Pinto Chatting With the Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks may seem intimidating—and on the ice it’s probably best to stay out of their way—but when the skates and pads come off, they’re not too different than most other southern Californians.

At the Lady Ducks Fashion Show, in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and Bloomingdales of South Coast, the community had a chance to mingle with the guys, who traded in their uniforms for three piece suits and dressed to impress.

When they find time to dabble in other sports, almost the entire team loves to golf (except for Ryan Kesler — trust me, don’t ask him about it).

“We’re hockey players right?” right wing Corey Perry sarcastically asked. “We’ve got to golf.”

Team Captain Ryan Getzlaf added that he, of course, had already played a round that morning.

“My handicap probably says I’m the best, but I don’t know if that’s true, ” he joked.

Defenseman Korbinian Holzer said that he was surprised at how in-tune Orange County was with their hockey team, and aside from the weather, the fans are the best part about the area.

“I think they do an amazing job here promoting the game, ” Holzer says. “When I got traded from Toronto I was like ‘no one is really going to know about hockey here’. Then I got here and I was shocked. It’s really special here.”

The players hope to see Orange County’s passion for their team translate to a renewed interest at the junior level. For any young players hoping to be the next Ryan Getzlaf, he has some advice.

“It’s a lot of work, and it takes a long time, ” Getzlaf says. “I think the biggest thing that I’ve always done is just enjoying the game and enjoying what you do. Because in hockey and any sport really, you can make it a job and stop enjoying it at a young age if you don’t take your time to just enjoy it and live in the moment.”

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