Dave Hall is the Upcycle King in LA

Written By: Rebecca Grazier
Photographed By: Joe Nardello MotoArt Upcycling

Expert: Dave Hall MotoArt Upcycling
Credentials: Founder of MotoArt Upcycling

Q: What inspired you to start MotoArt?  

Dave Hall: We started this business because we saw a lot of our favorite aircraft disappearing.  We didn’t set out to make a career of it; we set out to preserve aviation history from being scrapped forever. Making something artistic and fun gave us this opportunity.

Q: What are your go-to tools when it comes to working with such tough materials?

DH: Working with these vintage aircraft takes hours of fabrications. Some of our pieces can take up to 300 plus hours.  

Q: What projects are you most excited about at the moment?

DH: We just finished the main art piece for the new County of San Luis Obispo airport. It was eight months of planning and design. The installation was flawless, and we had happy customers. The project consisted of using two Gulfstream airplanes, and the engine cowling off a Boeing 747.

Q: Do you think more people should start upcycling? Any advice for the newbies?

DH: Yes. I think upcycling is quickly becoming more popular. When we started our company 17 years ago, there wasn’t really anyone doing it. For someone who is looking to get in the business, my advice is to find things in multiples. Nothing is more difficult than spending a lot of time on a piece, then marketing and selling it, to only realize you have one to work with.

Reduce, Reuse: MotoArt crafts furniture and accessories from salvaged airplane parts in order to make home furnishings like desks, couches and coffee tables.

Sleep Easy: Lay your weary head on creations like a C-124 Cargo bed or a 747 Jetliner bed!

119 Standard St
El Segundo, CA 90245
You Won’t Believe What Dave Hall Makes out of Old Airplanes

Photoshoot Location:
Room & Board
8707 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

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