First Christina Tosi Brought Us Cereal Milk™ Soft Serve, Now She’s Serving up East Coast Sensation Milk Bar in Los Angeles

The Cereal MilkTM Soft Serve Has Us Licking Our Lips and Readying Our Spoons

Written By: Charlotte Farrell
Photography Provided By: Milk Bar LA

Imagine yourself at age five or six, picking up a demolished bowl of cornflakes with your clumsy, pudgy hands. As you slurp the cereal milk, it spills over on each side, splattering all over your cheeks, the table and onto your super cool light-up sneakers. But it doesn’t matter. This is the best part. That infused milk is simply beautiful, sweet perfection.  

In 2007, Christina Tosi was two years into being a part of the Momofuku family. After plenty of tinkering and testing, her Cereal MilkTM Soft Serve was born, and the rest is history—an iconic, sugary, delicious history.

Since then, the Founder and CEO of Milk Bar has set her sights on expansion and development—it’s only natural for the culinary creative genius to dream big. With locations throughout New York, stores have found new homes in Boston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Toronto and now our beloved Los Angeles. “LA is one of the most gritty, inspiring, individualistic cities. It’s been incredible to live and work here over the past few years, immersing myself in the culture and dreaming up what Milk Bar LA will be,” said Tosi.

Expect the classics, but staying true to Tosi’s flair for the inventive and independent spirit, the LA spot will feature exclusive menu items inspired by Milk Bar’s NYC origins and its new home in Cali. Standouts include sweet and savory breads like the ​Pastrami and Rye Bomb​, ​Pepperoni Bomb, ​Elote Cornbread (also gluten-free)​ and more. Fill up on the Pineapple Fo’ Sho Whip, a tangy, dairy-free, pineapple-lime soft-serve inspired by Disneyland’s version. Or try Ritzy Business, ​a buttery cracker cone filled with your choice of soft serve and layered with strawberry sauce, cracker crunch and freeze-dried strawberries. *Starts drooling*

Another variation that sets LA apart from NY is the classroom space with windows that open up to an expansive kitchen and R&D lab where guests can watch the team do their magic. And if your timing is right, they’ll serve up never-before-seen, freestyle menu items. Tosi sums it up perfectly: “The result is a Milk Bar like no other, a collection of all our gathered inspiration in one 4,000 square-foot spot. It has all the OG elements and spirit of our New York roots, plus tons of new innovations and surprises that capture the magic of its distinctly West Hollywood neighborhood.”

Rise and Shine: Gluten and dairy-free items are on deck, and the menu also features coffee options including Milk Bar’s specialty lattes that combine products like Milk Bar Birthday Cake and Cereal MilkTM.

They See Me Rollin’: Exclusive to LA is the first ever ​Milk Bar Ice Cream Truck​. Book it for your next event so guests can enjoy soft serve and other treats.

Watch Me Whip: The Pineapple Fo’ Sho Whip soft-serve is also incorporated into a ​Pineapple Upside Down Cake MilkQuake​TM ​and​ Crunchy Coconut Pineapple Shake.

Milk Bar LA
7150 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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