Cienega Med Spa is a Major Success in Los Angeles

Rose Nadalie-Werz’s Rise to the Top

Written By: Sorina Szakacs
Photographed By: Bradley Blackburn Cienega Med Spa

Expert: Rose Nadalie-Werz
Credentials: CEO of Cienega Med Spa
Eye for Design: Rose designed all of the rooms at Cienega Med Spa

Cienega Med Spa CEO Rose Nadalie-Werz tells LOCALE the story behind one of the top medical spas in Los Angeles and the secret of building a successful business from the ground up. It’s her passion and dedication that makes clients in Los Angeles feel happier and look better. From impeccable care, to great services and affection for all her employees, to designing her spas and choosing the best technology, Rose pays tremendous attention to details and believes that perseverance, honesty, and hard work are some of the pillars of success.

Q: What is the story behind the Cienega Med Spa? How did the idea come to life and what is its philosophy that has made it a top-rated medical spa in Los Angeles?

Rose Nadalie-Werz: The idea for Cienega Med Spa actually began almost a decade ago. It all started with painless laser hair removal and grew from there to include a whole portfolio of aesthetic and wellness treatments like Coolsculpting, Vitamin Drips, a whole range of skin treatments, and even acupuncture. I knew that there were so many people in Los Angeles (like myself) who need ‘a life hack,’ meaning you’re healthy, you’re working out and yet you still need a little extra help when you’re feeling sick, or blah, or need a boost to finally see the results you are killing yourself in the gym for. That’s the power we give our customers—the power to seize your life, looking and feeling 100 percent.

Q: The Spa offers a wide range of services, but what is your signature one?

RNW: Our most popular treatment is CoolSculpting, where you can freeze your stubborn fat off for good. We are the pioneers of something called “QuadSculpting,” where we use up to four machines at once. People get such a kick out of it, taking photos, sharing photos, it’s like man-meets-machine, and it’s the very best that science has to offer us right now. Quadsculpting is highly technical and quite challenging to orchestrate, but when done right, it’s quite an art. This particular treatment is something that I am really proud of. It is just incredible to see how much our clients love the idea of this type of ‘cold chamber.’ It really saves our clients so much time.  

Q: What is different at Cienega Med Spa from other spas that offer similar services?

RNW: If it is not apparent when you look at our locations, it is when you feel our experience. Our staff is of the utmost professional, honest and caring. We are not desperate for a sale, nor do we enforce sales quotas—so we simply tell you what is and is not going to work for you, you’re then free to choose what works for you and your budget. We hate the idea of pressuring clients into buying something they are not ready for. We have put everything we have into making our locations the most gorgeous and interesting spaces around. From the cushy beds to the giant screen TVs, new movies, wine, chocolates. We insist that our clients deserve and get only the best; we really want to wine and dine you essentially. It is our seductive way of getting you to come back, refer friends and try every amazing treatment we think will make your life better.  While you pay extra for a nicer hotel, with us you don’t pay extra for the extras—we have the best pricing (all published for you to see-no wheeling and dealing in a consult) and the absolute best value.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere at the Cienega Med Spa?

RNW: Glamorous and fun! Each of our locations are unique unto themselves, but the common thread they share is luxurious attention to detail. I like to say our Santa Monica location is where you can wear your sandals and the West Hollywood location is where you can see a celebrity.

Q: How does the company make use of technology to better its services when it comes to CoolSculpting and laser hair removal?

RNW: We believe we are a technology company, not a ‘local med spa.’ In this day and age, we want the very best that science has to offer and will accept nothing less. We don’t want our clients paying for something that will not truly work! In addition, we believe in constantly updating our technology, which is why we always have the newest applicators for CoolSculpting for example, before any other provider, or the painless, safe-for-all-skin-colors laser hair removal that no one else seems to have.

Q: Tell us more about the acupuncture service.

RNW: Our acupuncturist, Dr. Gorman is just fantastic. She has over 20 years of experience and is truly a miracle worker. She can treat acne, give face-lifting treatments, help injuries and balance the hormones. She provides real results with absolutely no downtime or negative side effects. She has personally treated me through my 100 marathons I ran over 10 years of my life. I never once sustained a long-term injury—I really believe it was from her sports therapy for me.

Q: Are the vitamin IV treatments popular? Who are the ones opting for it?

RNW: The vitamins IVs have been unbelievably popular. It appeals to every demographic, but I would say that those who work a lot or travel a lot and need a pick-me-up are among the largest group. Anyone who feels a cold coming on, or is somewhat hungover, find that these IVs are a life changer. They really make a difference, and that is the key to the success we have had. Plus, have you seen our IV rooms? They are gorgeous. I built and styled them myself to ensure no one else had a better, prettier or more luxurious setting.

Q: Why should people who have never used any of the services Cienega Med Spa provides reconsider their decision?

RNW: I think that many people simply aren’t aware of the difference that some of these treatments can make. Technology has come a long way. What we do is results-driven and really can be life changing. We are very lucky to live in a world where so much has advanced and we are able to control how we look and feel our best for years beyond what was ever possible. I think it’s worth giving it a try, even if it’s as simple as a facial or vitamin injection. When I was in my 20s I swore I would never get Botox. But you know what, you get older you realize you really need a little help to not look like your aging parents, and getting a bit of Botox is really not a big deal. Most people don’t know that when an aesthetic treatment is done right, it looks completely natural. Plus more people than you realize are getting aesthetic enhancements of some kind.

Wine and Dine: Customers are treated to cushy beds, giant screen TVs, new movies, wine, and chocolates when visiting Cienega Med Spa.

Rose’s Philosophy: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” She pays close attention to her beloved staff, and makes sure that they have the support they need to perform with confidence.

Cienega Med Spa
375 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Cienega Med Spa
902 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Cienega Med Spa’s Leader at the Helm

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