Cienega Med Spa Owner Dr. Edward Glenning Stokes Has the Antiaging Antidote

When it Comes to Aging, the Approach Should Be Subtle

Written By: Jody Miller
Photographed By: Ryan Hensley Dr. Edward Glenning

Expert: Dr. Edward Glenning Stokes
Credentials: Owner and Orthopedic Surgeon, Cienega Med Spa

Q: Med spas are popping up everywhere it seems. What makes Cienega Med Spa stand out?

Edward Glenning Stokes: Our locations are stunning places, but more importantly we are firstly patient centered, meaning we focus only on what is truly best for the patient’s concerns and goals, and talk our patients out of treating if we feel it’s ultimately best for them.

Q: What are some of the latest non-invasive treatments that are an effective alternative to botox and fillers?

EGS: Our vitamin drips are a great addition to staying healthy and feeling great.  As well, our nurses are fully versed in all kinds of facial injections to help reduce the signs of aging.

Q: How do you prevent the face from looking over-injected?

EGS: Small amounts of enhancements done slowly over time. Subtlety is key.

Q: Speaking of fillers, we see a lot of frozen faces here in LA. How do you persuade a client who is requesting more work than necessary?

EGS: We start all patient relationships with honest assessments to truly understand the results they desire. If we believe the patient may not receive a favorable result, we opt to not treat them.

Q: Tell us about your services specifically designed for athletes.

EGS: Numerous studies have shown the benefits of vitamin therapy infusions. For those with sports injuries, chronic or acute pain, our wonderful acupuncturist Dr. Gorman can truly heal.

Q: What does the future hold for the medspa industry?

EGS: While teenagers are hurrying to grow up, adults are looking to look younger, and we can provide that with our many great treatments. As for the future of medspa medicine, well you’ll never have to be insecure about your looks ever again as there is something for nearly every concern.

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Cienega Med Spa, Santa Monica
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Freeze, Heal, and Turn Back the Clock at Cienega Med Spa

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