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The Cleanses at Gratitude Kitchen & Bar Will Get You on Track for a Happier, Healthier 2019

Written By: Charlotte Farrell, Kaitlynn Labit, Marissa Stempien
Photograpy Provided By: Talia Dinwiddie and Erik Hale Cleanse Gratitude

That time of year is here. In a flash, we went from donning Halloween costumes and stealing trick-or-treat candy from the kids to now chugging hot apple cider, eating every variation of potatoes and sitting on the couch watching Christmas movies with the family all day. Not that any of those activities are not important and vital traditions, but come Jan. 1, we set goals in order to fit back into our pants and get on track with whatever fitness or healthy eating goals we hope to achieve in the new year. So rather than devote yourself to a constricting diet that might lose you a few pounds but also valuable nutrients, Gratitude Kitchen & Bar wants to start you on the right track, minus the low-fat this and low-carb that nonsense. In January, their juice and meal plan cleanses will be 50 percent off—yeah, you read that right. The curated menus are designed to transition you to a plant-based diet with minimal stress, and each menu item is organic, gluten-free and plant-based. Our editors tried both options, so read on to hear their honest opinion so you can make the best choice for you!

Cleanse Gratitude

Day 1

Charlotte (Meal Plan Cleanse): I need something slightly sweet and fulfilling for breakfast, so I was thrilled to have the “I Am Crunchy” superfood parfait, filled with quinoa cashew granola, fresh fruit, antioxidant-rich goji berries atop creamy coconut yogurt. The crunch factor was mega, and I felt full for hours, sipping on an “I Am Glowing” juice made with pineapple, pear and ginger which gave me a nice pick-me-up as I started to feel a bit of an energy slump before lunch. “I Am Pure,” a kale and seaweed salad, topped up my belly with healthy fats like avocado and protein-packed almonds, carrots and a garlic tahini dressing. The “I Am Stimulated” digestion shot woke me up with a pungent but effective dose of gut-friendly ingredients like fermented probiotic kimchee juice, lemon and ginger. For dinner, the “I Am Terrific” pad Thai kelp noodles with red bell peppers, carrots, kale, almonds, sprouts and Thai almond sauce filled me up without weighing me down—a nice change from my usual carb-heavy pasta or meaty entrée. The “I Am Immortal” ayurvedic almond milk brought my day to a deliciously relaxing close. The concoction is as tasty as it is filled with adaptogens and mushroom-derived ingredients like chaga, reishi, shilajit, cordyceps, he shou wu, maca and a touch of honey to sweeten the deal. I took mine warmed up in a big mug.

Kaitlynn (Juice Cleanse): It was day one and I was going strong. I had never done a juice cleanse before and I was eager and confident in myself to get through the three days. The first drink of the day, Glowing, with pineapple, pear and ginger, was the best juice to start off the cleanse. Throughout the day, I was shocked that I wasn’t hungry. Each of the drinks in the day-one box kept me pretty satisfied throughout the day. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the next two days. BTW: there’s a bit of a kick in a few of the drinks that may not seem as taste-pleasant for you, but keep on chugging and I promise, you’ll feel good after!

Marissa (Juice Cleanse) : Having tried a few cleanses in the past, I knew what to expect with a three-day cleanse, and I went into it with positive vibes and high hopes. The first day starts with one of the most delicious drink, Glowing, made with pineapple, pear and ginger, and starts your day off right. Throughout the day the drinks seem to get progressively heartier to sate hunger and fill you up with good-for-you ingredients. For the most part the drinks were filling and tasty, and I even went to a Christmas party—which I wouldn’t normally recommend on a juice cleanse—and was able to easily avoid all the fattening party food. Full disclosure, I had some home-made apple cider, but assumed that since it was made with apples I was in the clear. Of all the drinks they have the only drink I couldn’t drink was Clean, a mix of lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water, that was just too spicy for me. (To be fair, sometimes I think ketchup is too spicy so take my opinion with a grain of salt.)

Cleanse Gratitude

Day 2

Charlotte: “I was so excited to have another “I Am Crunchy” superfood parfait this morning that I actually woke up a half an hour earlier—be it a side effect of my nutritious day one or just the flavors of the parfait that made me rise to the occasion, I’ll never know. An “I Am Succulent” juice comprised of spinach, cucumber, celery, pineapple, ginger and lime. Now weirdly craving a salad, I was pleasantly surprised and how much I loved the cashew mozzarella in the “I Am Fulfilled” market salad paired with mixed greens, cucumber, tomato and a tangy but balancing apple cider vinaigrette—trust me, salad is not my forte, nor do I usually reach for it when I feel the familiar pangs of hunger. The “I Am Balanced” hair, skin and nails shot with vitamin B12 and coconut kefir was much appreciated considering the aforementioned elements are not in tip top shape at the moment. Dinner came and I was more than ready to dive into the “I Am Accepting” Japanese grain bowl. I’m talking kale, sea palm, tempeh, garlic tahini sauce and rice to make me feel satisfied. I eagerly ended the day with another “I Am Immortal” ayurvedic almond milk, and fell asleep feeling light as a feather.

Kaitlynn: ‘If Beyonce can do it, then so can I.’ That’s all I could think as I headed into day two of the juice cleanse. If we’re being honest here, I had a bit of a headache the night before, but I blame that on my not drinking my daily pot of coffee—true life, I’m addicted to caffeine.  Starting of the day with picking up the juices feels like a fresh start (pun intended on how the juices are made fresh each day). I had heard that the second day was the day when you the hunger starts to set in and let me tell you, it’s true. How to get through it? Pop open your next juice and put on one of Netflix’s baking shows. Another hack, drink the juices on the time scheduled on the card! You’ll feel a little less full especially if you accompany it with water.

Marissa: Picking up each cleanse everyday is great, because I know the juices are made fresh each morning. On Day 2, I skipped the Clean drink for breakfast (due to the spice), and started my day with the beet-based drink Gifted, which was delish. The drinks on the second day are very similar to the first, made with hearty fruits and vegetables that fill you up. By lunchtime I was feeling hungry, but the thick juices combined with enough water, seemed to keep me full. The midday Brave shot with cayenne pepper was again, too spicy for me, but since it was such a small amount it was easy enough to drink quickly. By dinnertime I was feeling a bit peaky—I had a headache, I was hungry and irritable so I gave in and had a salad. Cheating I know, but I felt better after and finished off the night with Golden, a turmeric almond milk.

Day 3

Charlotte: Not that I don’t love the small tummy that I’ve developed in my late ‘20s, but waking up with a flatter, less bloated version was worth a double take in the mirror that morning as I skipped to the fridge for another yummy dose of the “I Am Crunchy” superfood parfait. My juice of the day was “I Am Gifted,” made up of beets, pineapple, grapefruit and ginger. My personal favorite salad of the week happened to be my last of the cleanse, which was the “I Am Dazzling” kale caesar salad. I couldn’t get enough and when I was done polishing off the crouton, avocado, brazil nut parmesan and cashew caesar combination, I was pretty bummed but promised I would try to mimic it on my own another time. The “I Am Brave” shot was probably the most difficult of the three to take, but contained stuff like lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne and essential oil of oregano that I’m pretty sure kept the looming threat of the flu at bay. WORTH IT! Dinner was all about color via carrot, beets, kale, kimchee and garlic tahini in the “I Am Understanding” macrobiotic bowl. With clearer skin, a slimmer stomach, brighter eyes and \ newfound, renewed energy, I savored and sipped on my last “I Am Immortal” ayurvedic almond milk, vowing to enter the holidays with a healthier state of mind. Maybe next year, eggnog and sugar cookies!

Kaitlynn: I had come to terms with the fact that I hadn’t had my daily grab from my cool ranch Doritos bag in over 48 hours, but I felt so proud of myself for doing the cleanse! Honestly, I felt great. I didn’t feel tired, I didn’t have a headache and I entered into the third day knowing what to expect and knowing that I could handle it. The Matcha Milk was bomb. If I could have had that drink that all day, I would have! Overall, my stomach felt great, I felt clean and my skin stayed pretty clear throughout the week. I have sensitive skin so jumping on this juice cleanse worried me a bit. But my stomach, my skin and I were so happy and you will be, too!

Marissa: By the third day, I loved starting my morning with a fresh juice and was looking forward to starting my cleanse. They seemed to save the best for last as Day 3’s Vibrant Match Milk is my new favorite go-to drink. It was one of the most delicious and most satisfying juices of the entire cleanse, and felt deliciously indulgent, like having dessert for breakfast! The remaining juices on the last day were by now familiar and I looked forward to each one like you would a favorite dish or midday snack. I finished the day off quite easily, without any hunger, and it really felt like I could do it for a fourth day if I wanted to! Admittedly, juice cleanses are not the easiest kind of detox to finish—especially during the holidays—but it felt like a great way to cleanse the system, especially after all the (delicious) sugar, fat and salty foods from the holiday season.

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