It’s All Fun and Games, Right?

Photography Provided By: Alex Lark Cody Ko’s Favorite Things


Name: Cody Ko

Job Title: Content Creator/Comedian
Resident of: Venice 
Local Living: 5 years


3 Things That Make Me Laugh:  

-All Gas No Brakes YouTube channel
-Bad Friends podcast 
-Love Island reality show



Don’t Be a Flake Cody Ko’s Favorite Things

My favorite local business to support this year has been Flake in Venice. They have the best breakfast burritos on the west side. Each one is loaded with eggs, cheese, sausage or bacon and is served with a side of homemade tomatillo salsa. It’s the perfect post-surf breakfast spot.


Beach House Staycay

The perfect staycation is at The Surfrider Malibu. It’s not too far from where I live, and it’s a beautiful spot to stay with easy access to great surf. We designed our place to look like a knockoff Surfrider because we love it so much. There is also a great rooftop bar with delicious food. 

Keepin’ It Classic

I gotta go with Jon & Vinny’s as my favorite restaurant even though I know that’s probably the most common selection when it comes to favorite restaurants. I usually get the spaghetti limone because it’s seriously the best.


Perfect Combo

My favorite hidden gem in Los Angeles is Lily’s in Malibu, a Latin American restaurant that serves up Mexican classics, deli sandwiches and comfort foods in a casual setting. My perfect Sunday is a surf at Point Dume and then a burrito from Lily’s—followed by a long afternoon nap. 


Live Mas Cody Ko’s Favorite Things

I worked with Taco Bell recently, and it was probably one of the best sponsor experiences I’ve ever had. They were so easy to work with, and I got a few free crunch wraps out of it, which is always a win.

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