Come to Marc Pridmore Designs in Costa Mesa for a Luxe Home Makeover

A Sophisticatedly Unique Selection Makes This Place a Must-Visit

Written By: Elaine Morgan Cutting

Marc Pridmore Designs is not a furniture store. When a customer walks into the 42,000 square-foot, Costa Mesa-based showroom, they’re spared the typical taxing experience of endless rows of furniture and pushy salespeople. Each guest is instead greeted by a cheerful, carefully staged aesthetic, a cold beverage and a passionate design expert with one goal: to find exactly what the customer needs. This process may take time, a few interviews and maybe even a home visit to compare styles, but each design professional at Marc Pridmore is a problem solver with a seemingly endless supply of unique options and an uncanny knack of translating exactly what a client needs.

Opened in 2012, Marc Pridmore Designs is the dream showroom of Marc Pridmore himself. Unlike the showrooms Pridmore was tired of seeing, this is a happier, youthful and sophisticated space, with pieces ranging from classic, to modern, to transitional. Pridmore worked with other furniture companies around Orange County for years, but finally decided he needed a space for his own vision, to carry things that no one else was carrying, a last stop for buyers who were tired of seeing the same things over and over. Each piece at Marc Pridmore Designs is unique, and an exceptional Marc Pridmore touch is added to every item.

With a rich background in the Orange County design scene, Pridmore understood the demands and taxations of furniture shopping. To combat this, Marc Pridmore turns the process into a deeply personal experience. Each design expert is highly skilled at taking into consideration not just what a customer may say they want, but also the feel of their home, the aesthetic they’re going for, the environment and materials they’ll need to ensure that each piece will also last for years to come.

It also helps that Marc Pridmore Designs is seriously dedicated to not only furniture that looks great, but will also stand the test of time stylistically and structurally. Pieces aren’t chosen with the contemporary trends in mind, but with knowledge of what will forever be in style. To keep up this integrity, every piece that is picked up by the Marc Pridmore group is matched with the highest degrees of quality in every aspect. Their passion for unique, quality design is unparalleled and it’s quite a refreshing experience.

In fact, Marc Pridmore is so dedicated to quality of experience, that they’ve recently completely renovated their showroom, after only five years in business. The redesigned layout maximizes the imagination by featuring a more diverse collection of furnishings and genres. Areas are sectioned off by style rather than function to give customers a better feel for how each piece would work in a room, rather than standing by itself. Although it was a great undertaking, the staff at Marc Pridmore are proud to stay ahead of the game and continually provide a fresh space unlike anything viewed before, even for returning clients.

Although the doors to the new Marc Pridmore showroom have already been re-opened to the public, they’re celebrating a formal opening on Labor Day weekend. As for the future of Marc Pridmore Designs, with their keen knack for staying classically in style while constantly bringing innovative approaches to the furniture experience, it’s sure to be something sophisticatedly spectacular.

Marc Pridmore Designs

3089 Bristol St

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Step Into a New Furniture-Shopping Experience at Marc Pridmore Designs

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