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Rival the Jenners With These 3 Coachella Hair Trends

Be the Envy of Festival Goers With Lavender Salon

Written By: Erica Johnson Coachella Ready Hair

Be honest, when you think of Coachella, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

Most likely, it isn’t the featured lineup. It’s the style that really captivates the crowds. It is pretty amazing that two short weekends in the desert can influence fashion and beauty for so many people, and getting the look just right is vital to those attending.

We reached out to Jason Alarcon, stylist at the luxurious Lavender Salon & Boutique in Newport Beach, for easy tips to get you Coachella ready.  

Coachella Ready Hair

Messy Space Buns

This is one of the easiest and cutest looks, and all you need are a few hair bands, some bobby pins and a little dry shampoo! Spray dry shampoo or texturizing spray all over dried hair. Section your hair, pulling it up into small, high ponytails and secure with hair bands. Tease, then twist into a bun and secure with a few pins inside. Loosen the buns and spread them out a bit for a messy-chic look.

Coachella Ready Hair

Boxer Braids

Probably the prettiest look that will be trending at Coachella. If you don’t have really long hair, you can add pieces to get the desired look. Part hair down the middle and add gel, but not too much! Section with fingers and braid down, starting at your hairline. Jason recommends braiding a small section, then go back and loosen a bit, then continue to braid and loosen all the way down. Use a strong hold spray when finished and you are good to go!

Beach Waves

For best results, Jason recommends spraying hair first with a texturizing or thickening spray. Take a small section of hair and using a large-barrel curling iron, start at the middle of that section and curl hair around the iron. Alternate directions for each section so the look is loose and flowing. Flip hair to make it a bit messy.

Adding glitter and hair chalk could be fun options as well. Jason recommends using chalk on lighter hair and for glitter, all you need to do is apply hair gel to the area and put the glitter on top so it will stick.

Lavender Salon and Boutique in Newport Beach is the swoon-worthy hot spot for all things beauty. I’m talking perfect blowouts, cuts, color, extensions and braids, makeup application and facials. The boutique features a great range of products including Kerastaste, Oribe and more. Lavender takes care of every beauty need you could possibly have in a beautiful and relaxing setting.


Flower Power

“Flower crowns are still popular but there are so many other ways to be creative. Go for the look that works best with your hair and will last the weekend so you can relax and have fun.”—Jason Alarcon

Lavender Salon & Boutique
1617 Westcliff Dr, Ste 102
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Coachella Hair-Inspo

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