Your Summer Prescription for the Ultimate Bikini Body

Get Summer Ready with Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Umansky

Written By: Lauren Villa Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Umansky’s

We caught up with Dr. Jeffrey Umansky to find out the best beauty tips for this season. If you’re thinking about touching up a few areas before you hit the beach this summer, check out master tips from one of the best in the business. You will be bikini body ready in no time!

Q: How long have you been a cosmetic surgeon?

Dr. Jeffrey Umansky: I’ve been a cosmetic surgeon for ten years. My dad was a plastic surgeon and he retired a few years ago. There was a point when all three of us—my brother, my dad, and I worked in the same office but had our own practices. Currently, I share an office with my brother and I took over my dad’s practice. I don’t know if it’s a genetics thing or if I was just comfortable with plastic surgery because I saw it all the time or if it’s just what I was into, but that’s what I decided to pursue.

Q: What drew you to La Jolla to open your practice?

JU: I grew up in San Diego. I love the City. I enjoy the outdoors and being around health conscious people. I think San Diego has a lot of that. I had the opportunity to join my dad and brother, and I wanted to work with them, so I returned to San Diego after my training.

Q: What beauty tips do you have for people as they prepare for the beach, summer travel and general fun in the sun?

JU: I would say sunscreen is a huge thing that people need to use and be mindful of. Sun damage is definitely something that is delayed in life. You don’t see it in your 20’s, but if you get a lot of sun exposure in your 20’s and 30’s you’ll pay for it as you age. Also, diet and exercise are always going to be huge. As the summer months are taking place I think that’s a great opportunity to take care of your body, and there are ways to do it that are non-invasive. Obviously in the summer people are not as anxious to have surgeries that require healing because it’s warmer and they want to be out in the sun. Most people get surgeries in the spring to prepare for summer. But if you missed that boat you can still do the surgeries. If you are looking for something less invasive, SculpSure and CoolSculpting are options as well. Botox and fillers are good summertime options too.

Q: What is SculpSure and CoolSculpting?

JU: They are both non-invasive modalities to eliminate stubborn areas of fat. The CoolSculpting freezes the fat. A little suction cup draws the skin and fat into the suction cup and it stays on for an hour or so. Over time, the dead fat gets absorbed by the body and excreted. The whole process takes about six to eight weeks to start seeing results. SculpSure is a laser. The applicator is on the outside of the body but shoots laser energy through the skin. It does not hurt the skin and helps kill some of the fat cells with the laser. The human body can only handle about 20 percent at a time and you often have to repeat these treatments to get at the desired results.

Q: What treatments do you offer at your practice to help people get ready for bathing suit season?

JU: I do a lot of breast augmentation and mommy makeovers which means a tummy tuck along with some sort of breast procedure whether it’s a breast lift or augmentation or both. Liposuction is pretty popular in prep for bikini season. Our laser center offers laser hair removal—so a lot of people like to have that done as well.

Q: What is the number one health mistake you see people make here in California?

JU: Focusing too much on exercise and not enough on diet. I think people are often trying to lose weight and get in shape and they work out and work out. And unfortunately they keep eating more than is necessary to shed the weight.

Q: What are your top tips to stay healthy this summer?

JU: Diet, exercise, and laughter—have a good time!

Top Summer Procedures:

  • CoolSculpting
  • SculpSure

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