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“You are the music while the music lasts.” -T. S. Eliot Cover Art: A tribute to iconic album covers across generations

Model: Keely Julian
Photography By Jeff Farsai, www.jefffarsaiphotography.com
Stylist: Elizabeth Watson, www.elizabethwatsonstylist.com
Assistant Stylist: Crystal Ung,  www.lizandcrys.com
Make-Up: Lynn Simpson, www.delilah-beauty.com
Hair: Celena Fahey, www.xosalon.com


Album: The Fame Monster

Artist: Lady Gaga
Song: Dance In The Dark
“Some girls won’t dance to the beat of the track / She won’t walk away but she won’t look back…”

What she’s wearing
Swimsuit: Tavik, www.tavikswimwear.com
Necklace and cuff: Heather Pullis Designs, www.heatherpullisdesigns.com

Album: The Emancipation of Mimi

Artist: Mariah Carey
Song: Shake It Off
“I gotta shake, shake it offgotta do what’s best for mebaby and that meansI gotta shake you off.”

What she’s wearing
Swimsuit: Tavik, www.tavikswimwear.com
Dress: Vintage Richard Tyler Couture from On Que, www.onquestyle.com
Shoes: Schutz
Necklace: Heather Pullis Designs, www.heatherpullisdesigns.com

Album: Nevermind

Artist: Nirvana

 Song: Come As You Are
“Take your time, hurry up/ The choice is yours, Don’t be late.”

What she’s wearing
Bikini: Cali dreaming,  www.cali-dreaming.com
Necklace: Heather Pullis Designs,  www.heatherpullisdesigns.com

Album: She’s So Unusual

Artist: Cyndi Lauper
Song: Witness
“You’re sorry now/ And you’ll change somehow/ And I am what you need to get out”

What she’s wearing
Bathing suits: Tavik, www.tavikswimwear.com
Dress worn as skirt: BB Dakota, www.bbdakota.com
Bikini top worn as belt: Cali Dreaming,  www.cali-dreaming.com
Pink chain Necklace used as bracelet and earring: Heather Pullis Designs,  www.heatherpullisdesigns.com

Album: Kings of the Wild Frontier

Artist: Adam and The Ants
“A new royal family/ A wild nobility/ We are the family”

What she’s wearing
Jacket: vintage Royal Underground from On Que,  www.onquestyle.com
Gold dress: vintage Macalistaire,  www.macalistaire1850.com
White hooded trench dress: Jack by BBDakota, www.bbdakota.com
Earrings: Heather Pullis Designs,  www.heatherpullisdesigns.com


Album: Highway 61 Revisited

Artist: Bob Dylan
Song: Highway 61 Revisited
“Well Mack the finger said to Louie the King/ I got forty red white and blue shoe strings/ And a thousand telephones that don’t ring”

What she’s wearing
Jacket: vintage Ungaro from Macalistaire,  www.macalistaire1850.comPants: vintage Macalistaire,  www.macalistaire1850.com
Shirt: Tavik, www.tavikswimwear.com
Necklace: Heather Pullis Designs,  www.heatherpullisdesigns.com