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You Won’t Want to Miss This Exhibit at Laguna Art Museum

Written By: Rachelle Cano California Mexicana Exhibit

Man has long posited the creation of the world, its culture and religious ideas through visual art. Exciting works of art that depict life in California during the Spanish Colonial rule, Mexico’s reign as well as vibrant, contemporary Latino pieces of the 20th century will be on display at the Laguna Art Museum (LAM). The California Mexicana: Mission to Murals, 1820-1930 exhibit, part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, will run from Oct. 15 to Jan. 14. There is no way of denying the Latin flavor that has left its traces on this earthly paradise called California.

Led by the Getty and years in the making, the goal of California Mexicana is to ignite and inspire the “culturally curious” through the arts while creating a kind of synergy of art, music, language and culture, as well as a greater understanding of human impact.

LAM’s thematically linked pieces were collected from across the country through a generous grant from the Getty Foundation. Curator, Professor Katherine E. Manthorne of The Graduate Center, CUNY, assisted by Professor Alberto Nulman, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, focus on historical works by both Latin and Anglo artists, revealing California’s earliest beginnings of Native Californians and colonial cohabitation. A signature painting, San Gabriel Mission, oil on canvass, c. 1832 by Ferdinand Deppe comes from their permanent collection and depicts mission life set against the magnificent landscape of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Cody Lee, Director of Marketing, and LAM’s Executive Director Malcolm Warner believe the exhibition is far-reaching, gaining interest from diverse audiences throughout Orange County and beyond those who wish to experience California’s rich history.

“LA/LA is such a great theme for this iteration of PST because Southern California’s history, current demographics and future development are so interconnected with Latin America. We’re optimistic that it will inspire visitors to explore museums for new perspectives on art and culture. And, we hope that they have fun,” said Lee.

California will never escape the deep connection to her Latin roots. From San Francisco down to San Diego, those who came before will not be forgotten; we will forever feel the essence of their presence lingering in the missions that still stand strong in powerful ecclesiastical heritage, to the architecture gracing her cities. History is present in the language still spoken and in the delicious cuisine we have grown to call our own. And, for a time it is represented at LAM and throughout the Southland.

Learn Some Knowledge: School tours for all grade levels are free of charge. This exhibition, in particular, will align with curriculum standards.

Real Piece of Work: The California Mexicana exhibit will feature pieces of art spanning from landscapes of Alta California to works by Diego Rivera.

Laguna Art Museum
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Get Transported to a Simpler Time at Laguna Art Museum’s California Mexicana Exhibit

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