Photography By: JSquared
Photography By: JSquared

From Spa Treatments to Hair Restoration, This Malibu Wellness Center Does It All

We Found the Best Hair Restoration Treatment in Los Angeles 

Hair loss and thinning can be a frustrating and sometimes unavoidable unpleasantry of life. If you’re beginning to notice more shedding than usual, extra strands in the shower drain or changes in your hairline, this is your sign to visit CURE Wellness Center in Malibu and try a 90-day hair restoration treatment. hair loss remedies

The first step is an in-depth, complimentary consultation with one of the spa’s knowledgeable nurses for an overview of the three-month treatment plan. According to CURE Spa Director Beverly Pagano, this involves a luxurious spa experience combined with sessions of a high-grade medical laser, injections and a supplement strategy.

The treatment plan kicks off with CURE co-founder Dr. Lisa Benya’s scalp treatment, which includes products from her innovative range of medical-grade beauty, skincare and wellness solutions. The regime includes a replenishing shampoo and restorative conditioning treatment, followed by an immersive hydra-facial scalp cleanse.

“Then we manually massage in our rapid growth serum, which is designed to stimulate hair regrowth,” Pagano explains. “It feels really good; it’s really decadent. It’s definitely the spa portion of the treatment.” These products can be taken home and are encouraged to be used in between treatments. 

Week two involves a PRP blood plasma treatment, which you may have heard colloquially referred to as a “vampire facial”—as coined by celebrity fan favorites who share their blood-smeared faces on social media.

“We draw a sample of your blood and separate the cells and the liquid,” explains CURE’s Nurse Kim. “When we inject the PRP into the scalp area where the hair is thinning, we get stimulation of new scalp cells, which wake up those sluggish, sleepy follicles so they can start producing stronger, healthier hair again.” hair loss remedies

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This session is followed up by a red-light laser on the scalp to further stimulate the cells and a relaxing Biotin IV drip, which injects hair- and nail-strengthening properties directly into the bloodstream for accelerated absorption. The laser session can also be repeated up to two to three times a week.

Maintaining this bi-weekly cycle over the course of 12 weeks—plus an included 90-day supply of Nutrafol to be taken as a growth supplement—has been proven to reveal stunning results

Regardless of the root cause (pun intended) of your hair trouble, virtually anyone is a good candidate for the process, and results are typically long-lasting—with occasional touch ups for maintenance.

“As long as the hair follicle is viable,” says Nurse Kim, “we can reprogram and regenerate it to start producing hairs again.”

hair loss remedies

CURE Wellness Center
22741 Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste 200-220
Malibu, CA 90265

hair loss remedies

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