Daniele Uditi, Chef of Pizzana, Knows Where to Go for Exquisite Food in LA

We’re Talking Square Pizza, Local Burrata and Queso Tacos

Name: Daniele Uditi

Job Title: Partner & Executive Chef, Pizzana
Resident of: Los Angeles, CA
Local Living: 10 years 


Happy Italian Daniele Uditi

Felix Trattoria’s polpette is one of the most amazing appetizers I’ve ever had in my life. They’re unusual meatballs—they are fried, not soaked in sauce. Pappardelle bolognese “vecchia scuola” is exactly how bolognese should be done. It’s a meat ragu and very traditional—it makes me feel at home. Evan is one of the most amazing pasta makers in the country. He’s an artisan just like mehe works everything by hand.


Freshly Baked Daniele Uditi

At Gjusta, I order a slice of square pizzausually the one with mushroom, thyme and taleggio. The dough is so crispyit reminds me of a slice I used to have in Italy as a kid. I like to go during off hours (around 7 p.m.) when things slow down, and they’re not too busy.


High-Profile Flavor 

Spoon and Pork is a Filipino restaurant with a little bit of Latino influence. The food is just outstanding…simple food with a lot of flavor. I order the Patita, which is pig trotter. It’s sweet and salty and a bit spicy, super tender and juicy. It is served over rice with a bit of cucumber. Your food is often brought to you by one of the brothers (Ray and Jay) who started the restaurant. 

When I’m Not Eating Italian Food….

I love the queso tacos at Birrieria San Marcos. You can order a little bit of birria, which is a beautiful braised meat that you can dip the taco into. Even though they’re a food truck and relatively cheap, the care that they put into making even a simple cheese taco is amazing.


Crazy for Burrata Daniele Uditi

I’m a burrata lover, and I love Burrata House’s partnership with Di Stefano burrata, which is the best local burrata you’ll find. They make a simple sandwich that is packed with flavor. My favorite is the rosetta bread with prosciutto crudo, Italian olive oil, salt and pepper.


Top 3 Places in Los Angeles for Italian food

1 | Apollina’s Pizzeria
2 | Superfine
3 | Rossoblu


A Love for LA

What I love the most is the warmth I’ve received from Los Angeles. I’m an immigrant, and as an immigrant, you need to prove yourself to people. LA embraced me when we opened up Pizzana with so much love and warmth.


Buds in Business

The restaurant biz can be challenging if you don’t have the right partners. Partnering with Candace and Charles Nelson has made things problem-free and given me freedom to get creative and cook whatever I want.


Pizzana, Brentwood
11712 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Pizzana, West Hollywood 
460 N Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048


Photographed By: Matt Misisco

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