Danny Matz of Legacy Jewelry Company in La Quinta Knows His Rocks

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Written By: Randa Akeel Danny Matz of Legacy Jewelry Company in La Quinta Knows His Rocks
Photographed By: Adam Gentry

Expert: Danny Matz
Credentials: Owner, Legacy Jewelry Co.

After moving to California from Chicago in 2010, 28-year-old Daniel Matz opened his ideal jewelry concept in La Quinta in early October 2013. Legacy Jewelry Company is a highly customer-oriented jewelry store that takes pride in providing each client with unique fashion jewelry from all over the world and quality customer service. Matz’s expertise comes from growing up in the jewelry industry as well as being a Gemological Institute of America graduate. He believes the success of a jewelry store is based on trust and loyal relationships with his clients. An unbreakable positive attitude enabled him to make his dream jewelry company a reality. His extensive experience in the jewelry business is what makes Legacy Jewelry Company a legacy of its own by being one of the desert’s premier jewelry destinations.

Q: What has been your biggest strength when it comes to your role as the owner of Legacy?

Daniel Matz: Connecting with people at the most basic level of what they need. I have a full-service store here, and that’s for a very, very important reason. I want to be able to do anything and everything that I can for any customer that walks in the door. Being that go-to guy is my biggest accomplishment for any customer that I can become that person for. I try to make the jewelry industry simple and approachable for people; this is not something they deal with or think about on a regular basis. Every time a customer comes in and walks out the door they should feel like, “I trust this person.” That’s what has kept me in the business. Call it some deep-seated, psychological need to please people, but that’s really what it’s all about. The best feeling I get is when somebody leaves my store happy. For me, that is the biggest accomplishment.

Q: How did you get into the jewelry business?

DM: I was pretty much born into it. My father had a chain of jewelry stores in Chicago for about 30 years. I was raised in it and around it, so it has always been a part of my life. I went off to college and became a gemologist in Carlsbad and then everything fell into place. This was always the dream to have my own store.

Q: What makes Legacy Jewelry Company different from other jewelry companies?

DM: When you come in here, you’re going to get me. You’re not going to get one of my sales people, you’re going to get a chance to talk to me. If you’re not talking to me, you’re talking to somebody I trust implicitly. I think people appreciate that because they know that I am here to answer their questions. In any business like that, it is good to know a guy and when you know a guy in the jewelry industry it could mean saving a lot of money and headache. I like to imagine that when jewelry comes up in a conversation that my customers can say, “Hey listen, I know a guy that can take care of you.” My goal is to be “the guy.”

Q: What lead you to open Legacy Jewelry Company?

DM: I envied what my father built from the time I was old enough to understand it. I always felt like if I could create something even half as impactful on people’s lives, I would be a happy man. So even as a teenager and a very young adult, The Legacy Jewelry Co. was something that I was building in my mind even before it had a name, a storefront, anything at all. It was an idea, a compilation of ideas that I garnered from every customer I helped, every store I had the good fortune of working in. By the time I had the wherewithal to actually create this dream, I had a lifetime’s worth of ideas to pour into it. This isn’t a store, it’s the fruition of a young man’s dream to deliver the perfect jewelry concept.

Q: What does your company thrive on?

DM: I want to be your go-to for everything from repairs and custom jewelry, to the guy you come see before those big occasions throughout the year. So I thrive on the fact that my customer can sleep at night knowing they’ve got me, and I sleep  knowing I can depend on them.

Q: How do you fuel your drive to run Legacy day in and day out?

DM: What inspires me and keeps me going are my customers. The reason I love doing what I do is because I love working with the people and customers here in La Quinta and the desert. For a jeweler, that is the drive. You have to want to please people. I wanted to be in a place where there was a hole that needed to be filled and here in this town they were missing a jeweler like me. I am the only full-service and fine jeweler in La Quinta that sells reasonably priced unique fine jewelry.

Q: What are the signature pieces at Legacy?

DM: Every year I bring in new signature pieces, ones that previous customers haven’t seen. This year I have also added a couple of new designers in the store such as Davani and Luca by Lecil. For the first time since I’ve opened, I have some amazing opal jewelry with 18 karat gold and diamond features around them. I specialize in fashion rings, pendants and bracelets. Every time someone walks in my store they are going to be getting something that is unique.

Q: How are you able to provide your clients with the finest jewelry at great prices?

DM: Relationships with vendors and designers. I have the same mentality toward my designers and manufacturers as I do for my clients. It is all about relationships. I partner with designers that I know I can grow with and we can thrive on each other’s success. I have to be very picky with who I work with because quality and price point is so important.

Q: What is the key to creating and maintaining a strong clientele as well as long-lasting relationships with jewelry designers?

DM: Trust is the biggest thing, especially when it comes to a customer. A customer is only going to be with you as long as they trust you. In my head, I assume that the person I am quoting a piece of jewelry for knows just as much about it as I do, although they might not. So when you give people that kind of credit, you are giving them the fairest response you can. The key to maintaining that trust is to act as though you are dealing with yourself on the other side of the counter.

Q: How were you able to make your dream jewelry company a reality?

DM: Make friends, value those friendships and relationships and take advice and take guidance. The biggest thing I can say is that I’m a young man, and I’ve got a young, successful retail store, and I attribute that to hard work and people in my life. But more than anything I attribute that to having a dream and just believing in it. For me, you can never be too optimistic. If I would have doubted this journey, I don’t think I would be here. Blind optimism, faith and taking guidance from people around you is the key. You’ve got to have people around you that you can lean on; you have to. I still need it every day.

Q: What is the meaning behind the name of your company? Any significance or history behind it being called “legacy”?

DM: Legacy is an homage to my family. Legacy to me has become a very loaded word over the last few years. This store is a legacy of my family and is the legacy of the previous generation. You also realize that people’s jewelry is often a symbol of their legacy. It is what they pass down and keep for their entire life. Jewelry should be a lifelong purchase. Everyone wants to have a legacy, and jewelry is just one way to do that. Everything we do in my store is attribute to that. It is all in the name of Legacy.

Q: What are your future goals and aspirations for Legacy Jewelry Company?

DM: The goal of this store is to support a family and a town. That is a small business at its core. The goal is to be reputable, successful and to make a mark and become a hallmark in this town. It’s something I saw my family do back home in Chicago. By the time my dad retired, he had become a staple for the town, and that is where I see Legacy Jewelry Company in the future in La Quinta. I want to be “the guy” and the goal is to be a staple.

Legacy Jewelry Co.
78-010 Main St Ste 110
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S H I N E /// Bright Like A Diamond. Legacy Jewelry Co. in La Quinta Offers Unique, Custom Jewelry Beyond Just Engagement Rings.

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