5 Perfect Date Nights in La Quinta, #2 Will Have You Getting Handsy

From Art to Eats, These Spots in La Quinta Are Sure to Make Sparks Fly

Written By: Neal Hruby
Photography By: Kenneth Alexander Scott La Quinta Date Ideas

When planning the perfect desert day trip, there is no place better than La Quinta. To capture the essence of this escape, we turned to the date-planning guru himself, Neal Hruby, Creator of Date the City. Follow Hruby and his date, Shaelee Hansen, as they explore five of the best date spots Old Town La Quinta has to offer. From channeling their artistic side at a pottery studio to raising their margarita-filled glasses at Adobe Grill, here’s where to go for your next La Quinta outing—Hruby-and-Hansen-style. 


1 | Soak in Some History La Quinta Date Ideas

The hot desert sun pierces every inch of La Quinta, a quaint resort village tucked into the Coachella Valley. To escape the heat, you sneak into the Spanish-styled La Quinta Museum. The friendly volunteer shows you where to discover the history of the valley’s first inhabitants, the Cahuilla Indians. Dive into the origin of the valley’s settlement, then finish things off with a ride down the iconic Route 66. Once you’ve had your fill of history, step back out to the present for a new kind of local past-time.

La Quinta Museum 
77885 Avenida Montezuma
La Quinta, CA 92253


2 | Make Your Own Masterpiece La Quinta Date Ideas

As you enter into the Old Town Artisan Studios amongst artists ranging from preschoolers to elderly retirees, your private art soirée awaits as you find your personal studio. This day, you’re opening your world to acrylic drip painting—a simple art style blended with incredible fun. You mix, stir, pour and watch as your creation comes to life. Blown away by what you’ve just created, you leave your masterpiece to dry as you head out to enjoy something still dripping.

Native Knowledge: The Artisan Studios was originally a family’s house complete with a pool where the pond is now. After that, it became three different restaurants before finally converting to an artists’ playground.

Old Town Artisan Studios
78046 Calle Barcelona
La Quinta, CA 92253


3 | Cheers to You La Quinta Date Ideas

The calm corners of Calle Estado inspire a calm state of mind when you enter Casa Mendoza. You are likely to spot the day’s social atmosphere: couples canoodling in the corner or friends clinking drinks at the bar—each reveling in a universe all of their own makings. After your first sip, you feel like family as you’re welcomed to chips, salsa and a front-row seat to the Mendoza’s second home. Opting out for seconds, it’s time to hit the road for a golden era original.

Casa Mendoza
78110 Calle Estado
La Quinta, CA 92253


4 | I Fancy You 

Towering palm trees welcome you as you cruise into the La Quinta Resort and Club. Hidden like an oasis in the corner of the original hotel is your dinner destination: Morgan’s. Passing by a well-dressed gentleman smoking a cigar on the patio, you fall back into a classic era of elegance. A perfectly refreshing cocktail from the bar becomes your compadre as you enjoy a few oysters to start. When you’ve had your last drop, it’ll be time to enjoy a more nouveau moment.

Native Knowledge: The La Quinta Resort & Club opened December of 1926 with a lobby, open-air dining hall, and 20 guest casitas. 

Morgan’s in the desert
49499 Eisenhower Dr
La Quinta, CA 92253


5 | Loosen Up 

Bubbling fountains and man-made streams flow down the manicured entrance to the Adobe Grill. The night is young as you step into the bustling bar. You realize tequila is king here as your margarita is mixed, poured and presented in a glass the size of your head. Dance like a Cahuilla, shake like a local artist or bop to the tunes like a Hollywood movie star. As the night twinkles on, the clashing of history, art and cuisine blend perfectly into the cultural oasis—La Quinta.

Adobe Grill
49499 Eisenhower Dr
La Quinta, CA 92253


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