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Inter-Stellar Style

The Expert: Dave Stellar  | Title: Partner/Brand Ambassador | @djstellar, @belizeanbronze

Interviewed By: Jilli Joffe

Dave Stellar is a resident DJ and producer at LIGHT Nightclub inside Mandalay Bay. He’s also co-owner of the Las Vegas restaurant Lucky Foo’s. His business partner in that venture introduced him to Andrea Hulihan of Belizean Bronze,  and she showed him her new line of amazing products for men. He loved the line so much that he jokingly suggested she name it “Stellar, ” after him. It wasn’t long before they were having meetings, and he was testing new products for the line. The next thing they knew, “Stellar” was a go, and now he’s the face and brand ambassador of the line. 

Q: What is this face product and why should I use it? 

Dave Stellar: The “Stellar” line actually consists of several all-natural products for the face and body. I love the body scrub and face oils. For any man that takes good care of his skin, these products are perfect. 

Q: What makes it special? 

DS: The quality. Our products are handmade with natural, organic ingredients from around the world, and they are convenient to use. 

Q: What is your signature product? What would you say your favorite product is?

DS: The face products and the body powder. As a DJ, you sweat a lot, so the menthol body powder keeps you fresh where it counts.

Q: What do you personally like about this product?

DS: I like the quality of it, and how convenient it is for travel. 

Q: What is the best way to use it and maximize results? 

DS: Use it every day, in the shower and when shaving. 

Q: Is it only for men?

DS: The Stellar line is, yes. But I’ve seen a few girls dip into my body scrub…

Q: Where is the brand located? 

DS: Las Vegas!

Q: Where can I buy it? 

DS: STITCHED inside The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Q: What are your goals for the brand?

DS: Our goal is to bring high-performance grooming to the high-performance gentleman. |

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