SoCal Brew Fest

Written By: Mary McNulty

Photography By: Karl Garrison

Photo Location: Four Sons Brewery,

SoCal Brew Fest
There will be no MGD. There will be no Silver Bullet. There won’t even be Corona. What the SoCal Brewfest will offer is a selection of beers from local breweries. As Brandon Mozley, Founder and CEO of SoCal Brewfest explained, the purpose is to highlight the unique blends created by the local Brewmasters in a true beer garden setting.

From all indications, the SoCal Brewfest is off to a roaring start. “We’re shooting for 25 to 30 breweries; there may be more.” So it is no surprise that Mozley is already looking to expand the event. “Obviously this is the first one but I would like to venture off to other parts of California and try to connect the breweries to the local communities. We’re staying away from the big brewers, like your Millers and Coors. This event is focused on the small to mid-sized breweries producing some unique beers, ” Mozley said. Many breweries won’t make their selection until a week or two before the festival so it is hard to say what will be selected. Sounds like you will just have to come to find out.


Wanting to give the breweries every opportunity to register, sign-ups are still available. “We’re currently filling up spots until the week before the festival, ” Mozley said, but a number are inked. “Each brewery is going to be serving two styles of their beer. Lagunitas, which is a fairly large brewery in Northern California, is bringing an IPA and Pilsner.”

To help soak up the suds, food trucks will be working throughout the entire festival. Whether you are looking for a traditional burger from Baby’s BadAss Burgers or something a bit more exotic such as a sushi burrito from Jogasaki the Chefs will be cooking and bringing their A game. One of the trucks in attendance will be Belly Bombz specializing in Korean Barbecue tacos. Mozley approves describing it as “really, really interesting.” Possible additions include a vendor having a booth selling bacon jerky. The brew is definitely covered, as is the food. What’s left? Why entertainment of course! Mozley has guaranteed that box will be checked as well. “Besides the samplings and if you get hungry the food trucks, there is going to be a live band playing 80s, 90s and some 70s music. There is going to be a wide range.”

However, it does not stop with the tunes. “There will be a corn hull toss as well as a giant Jenga. It should be very fun, ” according to Mozley.

 Adding to the fun will be checking out the specialty vendors. Not only will there be beer (duh!) but there will also be unique products for purchase, such as soap infused with beer. Another vendor will be selling father’s day cards and other art pieces related to beer. “Also, we’re going to be having nonbrewery vendors that are going to be showcasing their art as it relates to beer.” Clothing vendors with beer shirts and cards related to beer are just a couple of attendees.


There are some ticket plans available. “The main one is General Admission, which gets you in the Festival from 1-4 p.m., ” said Mozley. For the true beer lover, there is the VIP option that allows for entry an hour earlier. There is an incentive to take advantage of the VIP pass. Each VIP and GA pass are good for a 5oz tasting glass and unlimited tastings. Although lacking the brew and glass, there is also a Designated Driver ticket at a great price. This is for people who want to attend the festival but don’t want to drink.

The afternoon timing and the date that happens to be Father’s Day were carefully considered when scheduling the event. “I think it’s a great place to share a beer with your Dad. It’s a great Father’s Day gift. It’s going to be a great afternoon to enjoy live music and drink great beer, ” Mozley commented.

Driver safety is an obvious concern and has been addressed. Not only is the DD ticket option available but the SoCal Brewfest has made arrangements with Lyft for rides at a reduced rate. “They are willing to give $20 for first-time subscribers. All they have to do is put the promo code socalbrewfest for a 20 dollar credit.” Brandon urges those in doubt to take advantage of one of the plans.


Not only is he achieving his goal of bringing the local breweries to the community but the SoCal Brewfest is donating a portion of the proceeds to Project Hope Alliance. “What they do is work to end child homelessness. It’s a great organization.”

Obviously the goal of the Festival is to provide a safe and fun entertainment event. Considering its potential, the rules are basic and definitely make sense.

  • Admission is restricted to those 21 and over
  • Your wristband must be on at all times
  • No reentry
  • No beer sales permitted for take out
  • Take advantage of either Lyft or the DD ticket

The rules are relaxed. The beer will be cold. The entertainment just plain fun. The SoCal Brewfest at the Phoenix Club is a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon making a memorable time for you and Dad on Father’s Day.

This is the First Annual, so Mozley is especially excited. Of course, he has reason to be. “I love beer. I love sampling and have attended a lot of festivals. I just thought this was something I would love to do.”

SoCal Brewfest
Craft Beer Festival
June 20, 2015 1-4 p.m.

Phoenix Club
1340 S Sanderson Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806

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