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DAYBREAKER at The Unique Space

Writer: Lindsay DeLong

Photographer: Sho Hernandez


It’s hump day, 6:30 a.m., and you should be sleeping. You should be pressing snooze as you roll over once again, hating your life, cursing your job, loathing everything that is not sleep. But you’re not; you’re in a giant warehouse in Downtown LA, and your body is swaying to booming pulses as the space fills with more and more people. A smiling volunteer hands you a complimentary Press Brothers organic juice for breakfast while the DJ duo Kaleido sprays bubbles into the air. The song changes, and suddenly 190 people are jumping up and down as men playing horns appear and march through the crowd. People are screaming. People are happy. People are having a good day.

Welcome to DAYBREAKER, “a morning movement that will start off your day unlike anything else.” Popping up in big cities all over the world, the early morning dance parties are the newest trend since good coffee that are getting people up and at ‘em; ready to take on daylight with a new outlook on life. Dress up in costume, dress down in workout clothes, bring a hula-hoop, salsa with a new friend. Laugh, hydrate, sweat it all out.

The man in the giraffe suit has taken the top portion off to better his dancing range, the actress with a familiar face is wiping pools of sweat off her perfect nose, and Wonder Woman is feeling even more wondrous for having the good judgment to wear a bikini to the party. Everyone is friendly, everyone is smiling, and everyone has the best dance moves ever. 

As 8:30 a.m. approaches and work clock-ins are ticking closer, the music dies down, and the hosts ask everyone to sit on the floor. They thank the crowd for coming and pass out a card inscribed with a beautiful mantra. The group, full of new and old friends alike, recites in unison an inspiring quote about truly living your life.

The group applauds and is dismissed with wishes for a good day. You all walk out of the dark warehouse into the light of day, collectively, more a family now than anything else. If the morning started like this, then what’s next for the rest of the day? It’s bound to be good.

DAYBREAKER comes to LA every two weeks and is $25 a ticket online, (or $20 for the early bird special—which is totally you now). Visit www.dybrkr.com to see when it’s coming to a city near you.