The Perfect Marriage Between Crispy and Runny…

Written by:  Peter Pham of

Deep-Fried Poached Eggs

If done correctly, a decent poached egg will yield a beautiful yolk of bright yellow that just oozes out. A fried egg, while crispy, will have a less runny yolk as it cooks for a little longer. If only there were a combination of the two egg styles.

Chef Byron Talbott created a video that demonstrates his brilliant method for creating what he calls “crispy eggs.”

To quickly summarize, all you have to do is poach a couple of eggs. Once cooked, cover the eggs in egg wash and cover in breadcrumbs. Throw a second layer of wash and crumbs onto the eggs. After they’re nice and coated, the eggs are deep fried for a few minutes until golden brown. deep-fried poached eggs

Check out the video for the complete, detailed tutorial.

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