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Deep Sea Dive Without Training at K1 Speed’s New Virtual Experience in Orange County

A Virtual Speed Racer? Yes, Please!

Written By: Jessi Green K1 Speed Virtual Reality

Have you ever dreamed of swimming alongside a whale in the deep blue sea? What about racing the car of your dreams in the Indy 500? With summer right around the corner, do you find yourself looking for a new adventure? The good news is that your newest adventure may be found in Irvine for only $8.

I remember as a young girl playing video games with my neighbors, we would imagine a day of virtual reality. It seemed like such a distant dream but now you can experience virtual reality first hand at K1 Speed’s Irvine location. The Vive headset takes you away to another world of fighting robots in space, deep sea diving, race car driving or stepping into your own creative masterpiece. K1 Speed offers six bays and three racing simulators for you to comfortably step into another world and have space for you and your friends.

When I first put on the headset it felt really weird. I wasn’t expecting it to be so realistic. My depth perception was completely thrown off and it really felt like I could step off of a ledge or touch the things around me. At first, I experienced the deep sea dive. I absolutely loved this experience, although I did scream when the whale swam alongside me. This made for great social media footage. One of the programs allows you to create 3D art that you can step into and around. I built a winter snowscape complete with a 3D snowman and then created snow and sparkles that fell down on me. The experience was magical and made me feel like I was in a childhood dream world! For a brief moment, you forget that you are in Orange County and are transported to a world where anything is possible.

My husband opted for a more thrilling program, which was a space game of shooting robots and jumping out of the way of lasers. He does Crossfit on a daily basis and was sweating after one game! This would be a great program for teens that need to get some energy out or a fun competition for a birthday. My husband then sat in one of the racing simulators and raced in the Indy 500. As the simulator jostled and moved, he exhaled deeply with excitement trying to keep the car on course.

I would definitely recommend making a visit this summer and bringing a group of friends to laugh alongside with. The virtual reality is unlike any other game I have ever played and is definitely something to try first hand.

K1 Speed Irvine

17221 Von Karman Ave

Irvine, CA 92614


A Fun, New Virtual Experience for the Adventurer Awaits at K1 Speed

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