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Written and Photographed by: Brianna Romano and Chelsea Maras
Makeup by: Heather Ditfurth of Dolled Up OC Turn Yourself Into Bambi For Halloween
Model: Samantha Diaz

Orange County Makeup Artist Heather Ditfurth of Dolled Up OC gets us makeup ready for Halloween. With products that are easy to find around Halloween stores and your makeup collection, she shows how to channel Bambie in this easy step-by-step tutorial.

What you need:

  • primer
  • black cream eyeshadow
  • white cream eyeshadow or white cream Halloween makeup works best
  • white face paint
  • black and brown eyeshadow
  • large false lashes
  • flat brush (we used Mac Brush 212)
  • angled brush (for brows)
  • nude brown liner
  • nude lipstick and/or lipgloss


Step 1: Start by setting the eye with a primer, so that the dark eye shadow sticks and stays deeply pigmented. Apply black cream shadow to the lid, and then use an angled brush to create a wing starting from the lash line outward and angled slightly up.


Step 2: After drawing the wing, draw a line back to your upper lash line to create an empty almond shape on your upper lid. Fill in with black cream shadow, and then press black eye shadow on top to seal. Add a light eye shadow on the brow bone and blend lightly with black shadow in the eye crease with a medium brown eye shadow.


Step 3: Use a white cream shadow to highlight under the eye and connect to upper eye winged line. Use a small flat brush to create a thin black line under the thicker white line.


Step 4: Apply large false lashes, followed by white cream shadow along the bridge of the nose, to eyebrows, and fan out onto forehead.


Step 5: Using a flat brush, follow white bridge up to eyebrows using black cream shadow, then paint bottom of nose black.


Step 6: Using an angled brush and a dark brown shadow or brow powder, fill in eyebrows.


Step 7: Create cheeks using a brown eye shadow or dark bronzer angled on the apples of the cheeks.


Step 8: Using the round tip of a small brush and white face paint, place dots over brown cheek on the cheek bone.


Step 9: Line the lip with a nude to brown liner, followed by a lighter nude lipstick and gloss.


Check out Dolled Up OC to book an appointment or to see more of Heather’s work.

949.259.3561 | www.dolledupoc.com