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So Fresh & So Clean. Where To Find Your Next Fresh-From-The-Sea Favorite Bite

Living along the coast has its perks; the beach is at our fingertips, and the weather is amazing. Furthermore, the plethora of fresh seafood fare is unbelievable. We searched the shore for a few of our favorite seafood spots. As with the abundant array of seafood, we have fallen in love with our sushi. Our sushi restaurants pair swimmingly with our oceanside view. Whether you love sashimi, specialty sushi rolls or tartare, we have you covered. Check out our list for delicious seafood in San Diego.


Must Have Item: The catch of the day Best: View in town
Pacifica Del Mar’s location on Camino Del Mar is perfect for enjoying any of the amazing sunsets over dinner, drinks or both. The restaurant sits on the second floor of the building and has a large outdoor dining space that is enclosed by glass so that you have a beautiful view of the ocean right across the way. The restaurant is run by two partners, Executive Chef Chris Idso and Kipp Downing, who have both done an amazing job not only with the ambiance of the restaurant, but with the amazing food that they serve to their guests every day and night.


Must Have Item: Seared Ahi Stack Best: Place to have lunch with a view

Perched on stilts, this lunch and dinner spot offers spectacular views of the downtown skyline. This is our “go-to” spot when the weather is perfect, and we want to celebrate the azure sea. There is something for everyone on this menu, from the Greek Salad with blackened chicken breast, to crispy calamari, artichoke hearts, herbed parmesan potato chips, seafood galore, and our personal favorite, the Lobster Truffle Mac ’n Cheese on a bed of organic greens. Dock and dine is also available for all you boaters out there! Enjoy the Seared Ahi Stack for a refreshing lunch that will have you swimming with joy.


Must Have Item: Heart Attack Roll Best: Place to see some food porn

A sushi bar that lets you enjoy both hot, cold and grilled dishes. This is one sexy bar, with a cocktail, wine and sake menu to envy. The presentation of sushi rolls is indeed so creative, with illuminated
light inside a contorted sliced cucumber to add drama. The Robata Grill is full-on “flip- and-sizzle-action” from open
to close. Robata translates to “around the hearth” after the fishermen who used to cook their fresh catch in their boats— smart thinking!




Must Have Item: Macadamia Crusted Alaskan Halibut Best: Place to fall in love with the sea

Nestled in the heart of North Pacific Beach for the last 18 years, The Fishery is a local favorite for many reasons. Having a menu void of anything but seafood and selling strictly wild caught product is what makes them unique, as well as confident in the quality of what they’re putting on the table. Alongside the restaurant, they have a seafood market, as well as a warehouse where they are a supplier for 200 other restaurants in the area.


Must Have Item: Mango Martini Best: Happy Hour

The happy hour here gives you something to smile about, besides the sushi; so order the Mango Martini to start your evening off right. Get to know your chef, so you can make special requests for a truly unique experience. Watch the sunset during happy hour,  eat as many rolls as you can and then enjoy a night of bar hopping. With locations all over the country, you know they must be doing something right.

FISH 101

Must Have Item: Albacore Tuna Tataki Best: Place to go if you’re a sucker for customer service like we are

Next time you are driving past Ponto Beach, hang a right and step inside. It is freshness at its best! Fish 101 only sources small co-op artisan fisheries that use small boats and line catch. Local fisherman Dan fishes in the shadow of darkness in Del Mar Bay and delivers his catch in the early morning. Owners John and Ray can tell you where every piece of produce is sourced, and know all the local farmers by name. Up the road, Farmer Leo cuts the arugula with a knife and literally hands it to the chef. Who does that?

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Must Have Item: Whole Fish With Cippolini Onion and Braised Kale Best: Place to watch the sunset

Stop in for happy hour menu items that include $4 draft craft beers, $7 cocktails and $7 to$8 glasses of wine, plus cheese boards and small plates.



Must Have Item: Beer Battered Fish and Chips Best: Place to stop before you hop on your next charter

Mitch’s Seafood offers a hearty breakfast that’s fit for a fisherman. Enjoy one of their large breakfast items before you hop on a nearby boat. This is a good place to be when the marine layer hasn’t quite burned off, and the sunrise is breathtaking.


Must Have Item: Fish Tacos Best: BYOB

What I absolutely love about this place is that I can bring any of my pesky, picky eater friends here with The Fish Shop’s customizable menu. Not only do they have a boatload of fresh fish seafood options to choose from, but you can also decide how it’s prepared and how to bundle it up. Think taco, sandwich, salad, or let it all hang out with a combo plate. Every good piece of fish deserves a nice craft beer fresh out of the tap to go alongside it. They also offer a BYOB (bring your own bottle of wine).



Must Have Item: Seared Ahi Fish Tacos Best: Place to get condiment saucy

Follow the blue awning inside, and you can be sure your fish order will be “just the way you want it.” It is a simple process that they conveniently break down to three easy steps….1) select your fish from the huge “on the grill” list, 2) choose a marinade and 3) choose your style—from sandwich to salad, plate, tacos or a la carte! That’s it!



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