5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Cosmetic Treatments

From Cellulite to Unwanted Hair, DermFx Has The Solution 

If you have one or two aesthetic issues that have been bugging you or maybe you could really use a freshening up, there is no better time than now to focus on yourself and the skin you’re in. DermFx’s science-backed treatments will have you saying so-long to cellulite and excess belly fat, adios to unwanted hair, sayonara to sun damage and good riddance to wrinkles! Step away from the beauty filters and step into DermFx, Southern California’s premier medspa. With five locations spanning Orange County and LA County (including their new Dana Point office), you can get the flawless skin and body you’ve always wanted. Here are five signs it’s time to invest in beauty treatments and five methods that’ll help you achieve your goals. Best Cosmetic Treatments


Sign: Cellulite 

Treatment: Qwo Cellulite Treatment

If you refuse to wear shorts or won’t be caught dead in a bikini because of cellulite, you’re in luck! Qwo is an injectable that reduces the appearance of cellulite and creates a smooth contour. Once injected into the center of each dimple, Qwo breaks down the buildup of collagen fiber under the skin that causes the unwanted “cottage cheese” appearance. The treatment is FDA-approved and only takes about 10 minutes. Afterward, you’ll be free to resume your normal activities—like going swimsuit shopping!

Best Cosmetic Treatments

Sign: Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

Treatment: Botox 

From the company that brought you the Botox Express, a mobile Botox service, DermFx knows a thing or two about those pesky wrinkles and crow’s feet. Botox cosmetic injectables relax the muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead (between the eyes and on the chin) as well as frown, marionette and bunny lines, crow’s feet and loose neck bands. Botox is a quick and painless prick that can make those lines disappear for up to four months.


Sign: Scarring and Sun Damage

Treatment: Microneedling

DermFx proudly offers Microneedling, a simple and effective treatment that stimulates the skin’s natural ability to heal itself while producing new collagen. Microneedling reduces fine lines and wrinkles and combats sun damage, hyperpigmentation and light scarring. Using a minimally abrasive device, the outermost layer of dull and uneven skin is exfoliated. The production of collagen is stimulated, and new taut, glowing skin is unveiled, revealing a more youthful appearance.

Best Cosmetic Treatments

Sign: Unwanted Hair

Treatment: LightSheer DUET Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving, only to have prickly hairs popping up within hours? Do you have hair in areas you’d rather not? If you’re considering a more permanent solution that will save you tons of time and leave your skin smooth as a baby, LightSheer DUET Laser Hair Removal is the solution to your problems. Large areas of the skin can be treated at once, so LightSheer DUET operates 75% faster than other treatments—no anesthetic necessary! DermFx does recommend numbing for laser hair removal treatments in sensitive areas.



Sign: Excess Belly Fat

Treatment: EMSCULPT 

Do you want less fat and more muscle? Who doesn’t? Want to get a high-intensity workout in about 30 minutes while relaxing and reading a book or browsing the internet? Utilizing high-intensity electromagnetic technology, the EMSCULPT body sculpting treatment contracts the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen, calves, arms or thighs upwards of 20,000 times. This results in burning fat cells and enlarging muscles, plus improving tone and the strength of muscles and growing new muscle fibers, all without breaking a sweat!  

Best Cosmetic Treatments

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