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Diana Ralys of Diana Ralys Skin Health Knows Beauty Isn’t Just Skin Deep

This Wellness and Beauty Guru Discusses Her Approach to Beauty

Written By: Jody Miller
Photographed By: Randi Slusher

Expert: Diana Ralys
Credentials: Founder and Owner, Diana Ralys Skin Health

Q: How are wellness centers different from a spa?

Diana Ralys: Wellness centers provide more than just pampering services. Spas are known to offer facials, massages and occasionally nail services. Wellness centers give clients a full spectrum, holistic approach to their body health. For example, we are a wellness center; we specialize in facials, have amazing massage services but we extend our menu to services like Reiki (energy work with chakra and energy balancing), Infrared Body Sauna Booths (full spectrum health benefits that include relaxation but also weight loss and pain relief), health and nutritional advice, as well as facial acupuncture and Akashic Records Readings. During special events, we also invite yoga, pilates and meditation instructors to further push our bodies to WHOLE-istic health.

Q: Why are you so committed to organic products?

DR: We are definitely committed to just organic products, it is safe for clients and the earth. Too many chemicals have been washed down into the oceans and rivers. It is not true that organic products don’t work. The right combination and high quality ingredients are more beneficial than chemicals. We have seen amazing results from clients with aging skin as well as acneic skin. Treatments at the spa enhanced by noninvasive equipment makes it even more result oriented.

Q: For those who have not experienced Reiki, can you explain what a typical session is like?

DR: Reiki is an energetic process where universal life force energy is drawn to unlock stuck energy in the body. Clients report very different experiences after Reiki sessions. Some people feel extra energy, some feel very relaxed.

Q: Which facial do you recommend for anti-aging? What can clients do between sessions to keep their skin glowing?

DR: Best age defying facial I would say is the Ultimate Hydra Renewal Treatment, which includes Microcurrent. We use hydrating, moisturizing products packed with antioxidants and a high concentration of firming peptides to help to keep skin glowing. Also, the right type of exfoliation is excellent.

Q: How did you get your start in this industry?

DR: A passion for beauty and love of working with people—that was how I started, and that is why I keep going in the beauty industry.

Q: How do you blow off steam in stressful situations?

DR: I meditate six days a week, and that helped me to have a clearer mind. We can only find solutions once we calm down the stress. It is a waste of time to be ‘steamy.’ I am not saying that I don’t mind or approve people making mistakes, I just acknowledge that and move on to the solution.

Q: What perceptions of the beauty industry did you have before you were part of it?

DR: I was under the impression that all beauty can be achieved topically. That was how I was taught at aesthetics school as well. Now I know that there is no true beauty without whole body health. It takes more than just applying great products. The state of mind and nutrition plays a big role in this.

Diana Ralys Skin Health
1207 4th St
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Skincare and Wellness

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