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The Glow-Up Is Real With the Help of California Cosmetics

Written By: Gaya Lynn
Photography Provided By: Cherie Carlson Photography California Cosmetics

Fact: most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by February. And if you’re struggling with losing weight, getting in shape or even just looking and feeling healthier, you know that it’s not for a lack of trying or a lack of willpower. While diet and exercise are great options, you may need an extra hand. Who better than Dr. Jeffrey Barczak, founder of California Cosmetics, to help you out?


1 | Dr. B’s Diet California Cosmetics

“A lot of people start fad diets right after the holiday, but people are more successful if they ease into it. The ketogenic diet is highly effective for losing weight. I personally used it to drop about 30 pounds.”


2 | Put Some Skin in the Game

“Having a professional create a skincare regimen can help keep your skin looking youthful. You only have one skin to show the world, and taking care of it every day is important.”


3 | Keep Your Chin up (and Everything Else, too)

“One of our most popular treatments is facial contouring. With Dermal fillers, you can make changes incrementally; especially if you are concerned about looking overdone and want a more subtle result.”

4 | Body Sculpting California Cosmetics

“We offer Cool Sculpting, as it targets trouble areas. Without having scaring or downtime, you can go to work if you want to afterward.”


5 | Helping Your Hormones

“Often, weight gain, low energy and [decrease in] libido are results of a decline in hormonal levels. A comprehensive assessment of hormone levels and a treatment plan with bio-identical hormones could be a good option.”


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