Dine at Michelin Star-Rated Restaurants and Explore an Ever-Changing Digital Forest with Hangry Diary’s Day in Tokyo

Sisters Jocelyn and Justine Shares Their Go-To Restaurants and Gardens for a Delightful Adventure in Tokyo

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Hangrydiary is a food diary my sister (Justine) and I (Jocelyn) founded when we graduated from UCLA and USC. We loved exploring new restaurants, and was our inspiration for becoming food bloggers. If you want to run into us, you can try seeking us out at the hottest restaurants in town. We’ll be the two holding cameras and taking an obscene amount of time getting that perfect shot of the dishes! We’re showing you our favorite spots for a day in Tokyo—a lot of food at hard-to-reserve restaurants, a trendy place to stay and places to explore included. Get your passport ready—we’re off to Japan.

Tokyo Travel Guide

9 a.m.

Breakfast 朝御飯

Ginza West Aoyama Garden

We always call Japan a pancake wonderland. Our recent favorite is the big, fluffy pancake that you should eat like a cake. Ginza West Aoyama Garden has a rich history of over four decades. The perfectly-shaped, pillowy pancake is so fluffy! We went an hour early before the cafe opened and chose to sit on the patio, enjoying the perfect weather while taking huge bites.

Tokyo Tip: Visit the store at least 30 minutes before it opens!
Price: ¥¥

Tokyo Travel Guide

12 p.m.

Lunch 昼御飯

Yakitori Omino

Yakitori Omino is the place to get your skewered chicken fix. Yakitori Omino is headed by Chef Masayoshi Komino, who trained for six years in Meguro’s Michelin one star restaurant Torishiki, and uses the highest quality date chicken with the finest flavor. If you choose to go with omakase, you can experience a variety of chicken parts such as thigh, liver, gizzard, heart, tail and more! If you’re still hungry, you can also order their oyako-don! It is a risotto with date chicken and kodawari shirotamako, or white egg.

Price: ¥¥¥


3 p.m.

Enjoy a Museum 博物館

MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless

teamLab Borderless is a group of artwork that forms one borderless world. You can expect to find yourself standing beneath waterfalls, wandering through a forest of flowers, followed by waves in five unique areas. Be amazed as you explore this new world created by 520 computers and 470 projectors.

Tokyo Tip: You have to see this! Our favorite is the ever-changing room with scattered petals that grow, bloom, wither and die in an endless cycle.
Price: ¥¥

Tokyo Travel Guide

5 p.m.

Dinner 晩御飯


Mikawa-Zezankyo is one of the top traditional tempura places in Tokyo. Master Tetsuya Saotome (aka God of Tempura) has been making tempura for over 50 years. He told us: “Tempura is my practice of aesthetics as a creature.” Chef Saotome varies the coating and frying methods. One of the highlights of our meal was anago (sea eel). When serving the anago, Chef Saotome used a long, metal utensil to slice the eel into two. It was truly amazing!

Tokyo Tip: The handwritten menu is beautifully complemented with his drawings. The meal is completed with special calligraphy drawn and signed by Chef himself.
Price: ¥¥¥¥¥

Tokyo Tokyo Travel GuideTravel Guide

8 p.m.

Dessert デザート


Do you recognize this fruit tart? You may have seen it all over IG! It is a French-inspired Japanese patisserie served at Été, which is located in a residential area near Yoyogi Park. It is the most exclusive, seasonal fruit tart from artist and chef Natsuko Shoji! Every bite is juicy, sweet and memorable. Packaged in a jewelry box, the fruit tart is skillfully crafted in three layers, with a buttery, sable cookie crust, topped with special custard, edible “roses,” mango from Miyazaki, or other seasonal fruits with gold flakes or a sugar butterfly.

Price: ¥¥¥¥¥

Tokyo Travel Guide

9 p.m.

Time to Turn In ホテル

The Celestine Hotel Ginza

Look no further than The Celestine Hotel Ginza. The hotel faces the world-renowned main shopping street of Ginza and is steps away from high-quality restaurants with easy access to the train station. We were welcomed by the friendly team who went above and beyond to provide clear directions to all sightseeing spots and even ordered admission tickets for us!

Tokyo Tip: In the superior twin room, they provide not only regular amenities but also extra amenity kits from Bvlgari and Shiseido!
Price: ¥¥¥¥

Michelin Star-Rated Restaurants


Two Michelin Stars

Price: ¥¥¥¥¥

Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa puts a magical twist on the dining experience to make it playful and kawaii, yet is still rooted in the classic kaiseki cuisine. His signature garDen salad is made with emoji carrots and 20 vegetables harvested daily from the garden, and at the end of the meal, Chef and his dog Puchi will bid you farewell.



Two Michelin Stars

Price: ¥¥¥¥¥

Chef Noboru Arai creates a fusion between French and Japanese cuisine. He is well-known for using ingredients from around the world and employing classic French cooking techniques. We could tell that all the dishes were prepared with a lot of effort and incredible skills. The meal was extremely impressive.



One Michelin Star

Price: ¥¥¥

We’re not huge fans of eel, but after trying the unagi (aka eel) at Obana, our feelings toward eel have changed. The unagi has one Michelin Star and is charcoal grilled to perfection and seasoned with sweet, caramelized sauce.

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