How to Make Your Home Festive for the Holiday

DIYS for St. Patrick’s Day

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Time for some St.Patrick’s Day decorating!!  I know that St. Patrick’s Day is usually all about the green decor, but I thought I would change it up this year to make it brighter and more fun.  I made a colorful rainbow with tissue paper topped with tissue paper clouds, turned rocks into my own pot of gold, made a leprechaun hat from a flower pot, and created flower beer mugs.  I put these all in one post (except the mugs), because they are actually really easy!

SP rainbow

Tissue Paper Rainbow and Clouds

1 large sheet of tissue paper that is each color in the rainbow


4-5 large tissue paper pom poms



*Cut the tissue paper in half lengthwise

*Fold that in half, then in half again

*Then fold it in half the other way so that the open ends are all facing the same way

*Cut the ends toward the folded edge leaving about an inch or so uncut

*Unfold the tissue paper

*Repeat with the other half and tape them together to achieve the desired length

SP rainbow

 Pot of Gold

A flower pot (or any pot you would like)


Gold spray paint


*If you don’t have a black pot you can paint it black

*Clean the rocks so that they don’t have dirt on them

*Spray the rocks with the gold spray paint; spray at least 8 inches away for even paint distribution; it’s best to do it outdoors

*When the rocks are dry place them into the pot

*You can fill the pot half way through with a towel so that you don’t have to spray a whole bunch of rocks

(These are surrounded by Homemade Peppermint Patties)

flower beer

  Click here for my flower beer tutorial

Flower Pot Leprechaun Hat

Paint a flower pot green!  You can either glue a black ribbon onto it or paint a line with black paint.  For the buckle I cut a square out of white paper, painted it gold, and covered it in gold glitter.  I filled the small hole at the top with shamrock decorations from Michael’s.



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