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Wedding Videographer Megan Waters of Water Tree Events Helps Create and Preserve Memories

Written by: Nick Cimarusti and Tyler Holland Don’t Miss a Moment On Your Big Day! Water Tree Events

What’s the No. 1 thing that couples regret leaving out of their wedding? Professional videography. Sure, you can have your friend get some iPhone footage (which works out since you didn’t know where to seat them anyway). But will your friend stay on task or wish to join the party? Will they be able to capture the sound when your partner whispers how amazing you look after you walked down the aisle?

Videography is an often overlooked aspect of wedding planning. But it really shouldn’t be because video footage is just as important as photography of your big day. Video offers more of a three-dimensional memory because it captures words, motions and emotions. A picture might be worth 1, 000 words but a beautifully edited video will make you speechless.

And that’s where Megan Waters, award-winning Orange County wedding videographer of Water Tree Events Films & Photo-Video booths, comes in. Her company uses videography to give couples a time capsule of their wedding—not just the ceremony, but every aspect of the process, even the wedding rehearsal. Water Tree Events captures events as they unfold but they also seek out the details. Most memories are found in the actions and, more importantly, the reactions to the special moments throughout the day.

When the guests say their goodbyes and the decorations come down, couples are exhausted. Water Tree Events’ videos allow couples a chance to relive all the vows they delivered and the speeches from family and friends—basically any part of the day they might have missed. You can’t be in two places at once, but the Water Tree Events team can with their multi camera coverage.

Waters says many of her clients tell her that if it weren’t for the video, they would have forgotten so many of the smaller but equally as important details—a parent’s reaction, the beauty of the venue, the place setting that took hours to create. That’s why Waters calls her product a capture, rather than just a video.

“At the end of the day, you’re capturing the story, ” says Waters. “It’s content that matters, that has meaning and value.” Her background is in documentary filmmaking and there’s a genuine passion in capturing her clients’ stories. Waters and her company work with every kind of couple because their philosophy is all love deserves to be remembered and cherished. On that note, Water Tree Events offers not only an edited video using the best footage but also highlight reel sharable over social media and a raw footage package that lets couple view every minute of their wedding, no filter. The medium of Waters’ work is video, but the product is memory.

“It’s my biggest nightmare to make something boring, ” says Waters, but there really isn’t any danger of that—her production process creates a video that illuminates the words, motions and emotions of a couple’s story. With a minimum of two cameras covering the ceremony and an overall team of three to four, Waters makes sure her videos capture everything. Water Tree Events packages are also not based on time, meaning a video team won’t just arrive the day of, set up, shoot for a limited time and then bounce. Waters’ teams go with the flow and stick around for every part. “If it takes 12 hours, it takes 12 hours, ” says Waters. “We shoot til we have captured the story.”

Megan Waters Wedding Film Producer Photo credit: Larissa Bahr Photography

Megan Waters Wedding Film Producer
Photo credit: Larissa Bahr Photography

Developing a strong relationship with clients is also extremely important to Water Tree Events. Since clients usually book far in advance, Water Tree Events feels it’s important to celebrate the engagement time just as much as the wedding day. “It’s a special time in a couple’s life and as they become part of the Water Tree Events family, so we like to treat them as such, ” says Waters. Her team goes above and beyond for their clients and likes to send surprises to them leading up to the wedding day.

It’s their goal to really understand the couple and bring to life the vision of their wedding day. Waters says she knows she did a good job producing a video when it brings viewers to tears who don’t even know the newly married couple. “That’s how you know you’ve made a piece with purpose, when it moves other people.”

We sat down with Waters to discuss how Water Tree Events isn’t just a wedding videography service, but a creative team and a tool to build and share memories long after the big day has passed.

Q: How do you approach a capture?

Megan Waters: I tell all our clients that the best productions come from the best pre-production. This is true of any kind of production—TV, commercial and film. Therefore we are very focused on their story and the details that will make up the day. We have a planning tool to get all the logistics of the day. We do venue walk throughs with our couples to find out why this is the place they chose. There is always something special about the venue for each couple. We attend the wedding rehearsal; this is where we catch all those final details. We get to see how the ceremony will unfold and meet all the key family and friends to feature. This pre-production process allows us to double check our route to and from the ceremony and venue. Parades, weekend marathons and road construction can really impact travel for a couple, their guests and our team. Getting all the logistics and details finalized at rehearsal allows for our team to be 100 percent focused on the creative capture of the wedding day.

Q: How engaged can couples get in the process?

MW: Couples have a lot of input. When we first meet, we ask questions like, “How do you want to interact with the camera?” Some are more shy and don’t want to see the camera at all, while others love to ham it up, talk to the camera and get as much screen time as possible. In post-production, couples have a say in the music used. Many hire us for our style and cinematic documentary feel.

Q: How did you get the idea to start including photo booths in your packages?

MW: Well, I just love them, which was a huge reason in adding them to my packages. Every wedding I would go to I’d jump in the photo booth and have my picture taken. I wanted to include a booth, but wanted something with an elegance to it. Many of the booths didn’t fit the venue. Ours, however, is customizable with different color curtains that fit with the room’s design and décor. Another issue with photo booths is the image quality, which often blasts guests with harsh light, creating a washed out look. We created a booth with lighting design that makes everyone look amazing and produces a high quality image. With respect to video, we recently won a Trendsetter Award for our Video Booth Dare Game™ which is a very creative and entertaining way to capture guests. The game allows a couple to choose up to 16 dares to dare their guests to perform on camera. Guests love it and so do our couples because the performances are priceless! Our booths have even been coined as the Cadillac of photo booths because they’re larger, more stylish and fully loaded with fun.

Q: How many areas are you involved in? Are there any markets you’re looking at expanding into?

MW: Right now Water Tree Events is pretty much all over California. Our main area covers Santa Barbara to San Diego, but we can go anywhere there is a couple who wants us to tell their story.

Q: Have you experienced any horror stories?

MW: There are more funny stories than horror stories for me. There are no re-dos, so obviously I can’t tell a couple to say their vows again because a camera failed. Sometimes bridal parties aren’t on the same page, which can cause some issues. I have been to a wedding where the priest that was supposed to marry the couple didn’t show up, but I have never seen a wedding ruined in my 10 years of doing this.

Q: What is the best wedding you have attended?

MW: Every one of them. I know it sounds kind of hokey, but it’s true. I can’t pick a single best wedding because they’re all so good. Big or small, there’s always something unique and different about each wedding. They are never repetitive, which is what I love about them.

Q: What advice can you offer couples when planning their wedding?

1) Read the reviews to any vendor you are considering. The reviews will tell you who you are really working with.

2) Go meet the vendors in person. There is so much you learn in a meeting that you cannot get in a text message or and email.  You will save yourself so many headaches and increase your comfort level with each vendor you are inviting into your wedding team.

3) Get professional videography!  Preserve, share and enjoy the words, motions and emotions of your wedding day.

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