Comic-Con Has Arrived and Barhero Is Here to Save the Day!

Written By: Kristin Kellams Comic-Con Weekend

Looking for something exciting to do in San Diego? What if there was a way to know all the information you need in order to make a decision on where to go? Everything from deals, events, happy hours, beer lists and even live camera feeds. It’d basically be a miracle, right? Brothers Davis and Wyatt Oren have delivered this miracle to the city of San Diego with their new app Barhero.

The Oren brother’s app is the first mobile application with real-time updates for local bars, breweries and restaurants. As you can tell, this isn’t just another app. If you are 21 and over this app can be a real time saver when you are looking to hit up local spots without trying to wait an hour to just get a seat without knowing what’s going on beforehand. Barhero is changing the way the service industry operates by providing information directly from owner to consumer.

The Barhero app will be launching this weekend during San Diego’s Comic-Con, which couldn’t be better timing. During this busy and hectic weekend, just about every bar in downtown San Diego will be throwing great events centered around action figures, heroes and hit shows. There will be Wonder Woman parties, Game of Thrones get-togethers and even Spider Man socials. “Even as a local, your best chances of finding a place that matches your interests is hearing about it from a friend, walking past something that looks cool, or getting handed a flyer. It shouldn’t be like that!” Davis and Wyatt say. “With Barhero you can see every type of Comic-Con related deal or event in a matter of seconds. With two clicks in Barhero you’re cutting the time in half it takes you to find local events matching thousands of interests.”

Davis came up with this brilliant idea for an app, to say the least, back in the summer of 2014.

“Davis was talking to a friend about how cool it would be to see how a bar was before actually getting there and whether or not go,” Wyatt says. “Three years later we’re finally unveiling everything we’ve worked on and are excited to keep improving it every single day.” As Davis is the visionary for Barhero, he aims to set the company objectives, oversee sales and design for both tangible and intangible products. Quite simply, he lives for the creative process. Wyatt, on the other hand, has a proven track record for managing growth, honed while working in a corporate financial setting. He knows how to get the brand from here to there. His focus includes organizing and analyzing the business model, executing the plan, managing deadlines and developing a strategy for growth.

Both of the brothers have gone beyond simply creating an app. They have plans to launch an online store on the Barhero website. “The online store will start selling t-shirts in August with more apparel coming in the fall,” they say. “Our main focus is on creating an easy-to-use interface giving our users everything they want when they’re deciding where to go.” When asked if they planned on expanding the app beyond San Diego they responded, “Yes, San Diego is our hometown and we love this city. Our plan is to expand worldwide making Barhero the best place for people to see what’s going on and discover new, exciting happenings in the nearby bars, breweries and restaurants.”

By now you should be headed to your app store and downloading Barhero for free! Comic-Con starts Thursday, July 20 and ends on Sunday, July 23 at the San Diego Convention Center. This is the perfect time to give this app a try. Davis and Wyatt state, “We chose this time specifically because we are Barhero! Hero is in our name! We’re here to save the day and help everyone find a venue that has exactly what he or she wants.”

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