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The Mini Music Festival Debuts a Successful First Appearance, Second on Its Way Dreamhouse Music Festival

Written By: Sara Hyland Dreamhouse Music Festival

The Coachella Valley has a new favorite mini music festival and it’s called Dreamhouse, the first of its kind. One can see it as Coachella’s hippie baby sister, but she provides an intimacy you won’t find on the Polo Grounds. Guests young and old relaxed on blankets and towels outside the home of artist Sharon Ryder. The abode was painted various colors and adorned with optical symbols, glowing with sparkling lights. Other artists made an appearance as well, including Melisa Rimada’s whimsical dreamcatchers and Criostoir Sprague’s exceptional framed painted collages. If you couldn’t make it, do not fret. There will be another on August 22nd.


Trumpets of the Young

Bandmates: Nigel Roman (guitar, vocals), Jennifer Irvine (cello)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nigelromanmusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/trumpetsoftheyoung

Coming back from their well-received JT Harmony Tour, Trumpets of the Young kicked off Dreamhouse with their glorious pair of cello and acoustic guitar. Couple Nigel and Jennifer couldn’t have been more pleased to close their tour at this venue, an intimate setting of a few dozen as opposed to the crowds of 150-200 people they were used to seeing on their recent tour. The tour ended up being a learning opportunity for the band, with chances to appear on radio stations and test how to get sponsors. Believe it or not, this band started off as a blend of hip-hop and acoustic guitar, but the melancholy acoustic feel has taken over. “Never trust a man singing happy songs, ” Nigel says.

Daytime Moon

Bandmates: Brent Simpson (guitar, vocals), Malachai Rosmino (bass), Joseph Gonzales (drums)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DaytimeMoonBand
Website: www.daytimemoon.fourfour.com

Having never said no to a genre, it’s difficult to slap a label onto exactly what kind of band Daytime Moon is. Self-proclaimed artists evolved from a synthesis of post-everything to soul, this band itself is a fusion of former hardcore bands. Another element fused in this mixture of lunar symphonic wonder is the bandmates’ love for poetry. Inspired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Plath, these poets (Brent’s poetry has been published) also enjoy the psychedelia of the 60s. Their combined extensive music collection includes Hendrix, The Doors, and more classics. They soon hope to have their album finished, and have written screenplays for music videos they plan on making come to fruition.


Shaman Rock

Bandmates: Daniel Gayler (guitar, vocals), Jon Gayler (drums)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shamanrockmusic
Website: www.shamanrockmusic.com/

“Music isn’t something we create, ” says drummer Jon when questioned about the band’s heavy reliance on sound as opposed to lyrics. “It’s something that’s already there.” Shaman Rock blessed Dreamhouse with a collection of new songs they wrote with their psychedelic nature-inspired sound. They struck gold acquiring a residency in Big Bear after asking for a server job, giving them an opportunity to reach a different audience. Thankfully for Shaman Rock’s already dedicated fanbase, the band keeps up with their social media accounts, but worldwide fame isn’t their goal. “We don’t want to be rock stars, ” says Jon, “just people playing music.”

The Flusters

Bandmates: Dougie VanSant (vocals, guitar), Danny White (guitar, vocals) Mario Estrada (bass), (Daniel Perry (drums)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theflusters
Website: www.theflusters.com

The Flusters appeared onstage dressed in the attire of a band performing at a 50s prom. It was a welcome and endearing sight, but it was the sound that moved the audience. Ask the band their favorite song to play and they can’t agree on one. Ask the audience their favorite Flusters song and the answer is the same. As Coachella alumni, it was humbling to see the band performing at such an intimate venue, but if you ask lead vocals and guitarist Dougie, it’s the small venues they live for. Describing their music as “dream surf, ” a genre new on the music scene, it sounds unusual until you actually hear Flusters music. That is exactly what it is.



Laura Robison
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fingerprincemusic
Website: www.fingerprince.bandcamp.com

Inarguably the most unique performance of Dreamhouse, Fingerprince stepped onto the stage wearing a pink tiara, blue butterfly wings, a long painted skirt, face paint and platform shoes. With her, she brought a variety of instruments and props including plastic eggs, lights, and a veil. While most would call her set “performance art, ” she likes to call it “ancestral healing, ” Each song is a piece on a musical path to initiation, and each can take up to a year or two in order for it to be perfect in her glittery eyes. Her message? “Many realities never get time and space onstage to heal, and people who need that should get the time.”  


Heavy Handed

Bandmates: John Palmer (guitar, vocals), Jackie McLaughlin (drums)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heavyhanded.pdx
Instagram: www.instagram.com/heavyhanded.pdx

John and Jackie met in Boston, started a band and became roommates. The rest is history. Now, in pursuit of hedonism and the inspiration of The Strokes and Keith Moon under their belt, Heavy Handed lays it all out on a stage. They claim playing in the Coachella Valley isn’t much different from playing in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. “You play to the crowd, not the aesthetic, ” says drummer Jackie. “It’s just a thousand-mile bridge.” Both guys loved the variety of age groups at Dreamhouse, as well as the opportunity to play outside and the fact that people travelled from all over the Valley to come to the show.

Dreamhouse Music Festival
Joshua Tree, CA
First of Its Kind: Dreamhouse Music Festival