The chic, sprawling rooftop lounge at The Fifth, located at the Grand Legacy At The Park hotel in Anaheim, overlooks Disneyland’s iconic skyline, making it one of the most tranquil yet exclusive locations in all of Orange County.

While the aesthetics of this rooftop bar are hard to beat, what’s really drawing in crowds is the food.

Recently, FOODBEAST stopped by The Fifth to capture some unique offerings. While it’s safe to say everyone enjoys a good cocktail on occasion, they might enjoy one more often if that cocktail came in donut form.

That’s exactly what The Fifth is hoping to accomplish with their version of the boozy donut. With flavors like tequila lime, orange liqueur, and coffee liqueur, this sweet treat is part pastry, part alcohol. These bite-sized morsels of boozy decadence are the perfect snack to get the party started, keep it going, or even cap off a wonderful evening with friends.

Each flavor of donut is soaked in a specific alcohol, fried, then covered with cinnamon and sugar.

We got to try the tequila lime flavor, which tastes just like the margaritas we’ve come to know and love. The hints of lime zest throughout really give a citrusy punch to this sweet and boozy treat.

As a matter of fact, these donuts are so boozy you have be over 21 to order them!

If you’re of age, come check out the boozy donuts at The Fifth, and remember if you eat too many, there’s a warm bed inside the Grand Legacy At The Park hotel.  

Photos by Pete Pham

By Evan Lancaster

A journalist focusing on news and anything that’s trending. Insists that cherry flavoring makes any soft drink better. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @ThatsThatFuego.

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