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Guests Got Schooled at This Dupuis Design’s Springtime Art Event

Written By: Brittany Lawrence
Photography Provided By: Stena Chang Dupuis Design

All the way up the hill, through the gates and overlooking a breathtaking view of San Clemente, lies the home of Dupuis Design. This is where chief designer Peggy Dupuis hosted her Springtime Art Event on Saturday, June 2. Upon entering Dupuis’ home and checking in, guests were welcomed by a completely open floor plan flooded with natural light through windows stretching from floor to ceiling, with a view that looked straight into the backyard and continued over the valley and onto the ocean. Breaking the attention on the view was the smell of delicious appetizers being prepared right there in the beautiful and modern kitchen. Directly outside one of the back sliding glass doors, as almost every wall on the back end of the house opened up to fill the home with fresh air, was a bar serving wine and Champagne. Live music from the second floor poured over the rails and down the stairs, filling the space with upbeat yet relaxing songs.

Art was all around, so perfectly placed that one would have thought it belonged there if not for the placards with the descriptions and artists’ names, all available for purchase.Dupuis greeted every guest and those who were new were given a tour of the four-bedroom custom built home and enlightened on why she started the event and invited people into their home. “Through a friendly and homely environment, I wanted to share our passion for international art, design and artists we discovered  through our travels. International artists who are enlightened to share their art and culture to our local guests and vice versa. In a short period of time, it allows our guests to open up all their senses and travel through art and design.”

Amongst the mingling guests were three of the featured artists: the product designer Alexandra David with her delicate, simple yet functional “U” bracelets in silver or gold, the photographer Célia Foussé displayed her collection of small subjects surrounded by vast landscapes, which was portraying how small we are compared to this immense world, and other photos which captured  moments of complicity and little magical moments. The painter Paul de Flers, a self-taught painter who’s always curious to use various mixed painting techniques, presented his variety of beautifully pigmented paintings. In addition to the work of the three artists were varying pieces from other artists, such as Armelle Chatriot (ARCHA) with her collection of small bronze sculptures that were shaped like a music sonate; it was like a symphony expressing sensibility, harmony, movement and sensuality. Plus there were many others from Gardeco, a collection of works from international artists and craftsman.

Dupuis Design, based in Paris and California, offers services in design, decor and furnishing for projects ranging from personal homes to boutique hotels and spas. Dupuis’ experience stretches back to Paris where she was a resident architect for over 20 years. “I had no intention of working here but when we designed and built our vacation home in San Clemente, a couple of neighbors asked me to help them with theirs, seven years later our Paris home has become our vacation home,”Dupuis said during the event. Almost every one of the 80 plus guests on the list made an appearance and as the night wound down, red stickers indicating sold were spreading across the art pieces. The night was truly an experience of art in nearly all forms, achieving Dupuis’ goal of artful exposure.