Arriba! Explore Your Latin Side with a Night of Salsa Dancing!

Written By: Charlotte Farrell
Photographed By: Eric Chan Salsa at Time Nightclub

Every Wednesday night, you can usually find me binge watching something on Netflix in my pajamas, lazily sipping from a glass of wine and getting my alarm ready for the morning. Except this week was different. I traded in my slippers for some chunky heels, my bathrobe for a sassy dress, and my face mask for mascara and blush. What could coax me out of my Wednesday night ritual, you might ask? The answer is a no brainer: salsa dancing!

Time Nightclub in Costa Mesa is usually known for its headliners and electronic music, which makes it a hot spot when it comes to OC nightlife. However, they spiced things up by doing something different. Cue “Salsa Time.” According to Entertainment Director Steven Wright, the goal is to “diversify the brand and go after different demographics,” attracting new patrons while introducing a fun event for their loyal weekend goers to enjoy. For a little under $13, you can take part in beginner lessons at 8 p.m., and more seasoned dancers can join the intermediate lessons around 8:45 p.m. Once your skills are fine-tuned, the rest of the night is yours to sway, shimmy, and twirl!

Guests of all ages (over 21, of course) filled the circular room. It didn’t matter if you had never danced a day in your life or had been professionally trained. Everyone enjoyed themselves, their partners, and the overall romantic yet elegant environment that encouraged laughter and beaming smiles. One couple in particular watched with especially vibrant eyes. Hugo Ortega, a Chilean native, and his Peruvian partner, Ruby, were there for the first time. They were impressed with the set-up, vowing to return every week. “The music is fantastic,” she said, “and Americans love this music…we want to show them and teach them about our culture.”

Another plus is the fact that a partner is not required. Singles will never be lonely, as someone is always ready for a turn on the floor. I was asked to dance by a lovely older gentleman, who had obviously been practicing for years. I stumbled and stepped on his toes, but giggled and found myself getting better with each step under his guidance.

And don’t stress about what to wear. If you want to don your new five-inch heels, go for it. Prefer jeans and a t-shirt? That works too. Just wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident because when it comes to salsa, it is all about the attitude.
It’s time to snap out of the routine. It may seem daunting for the shy bugs out there, but it’s a fun and rewarding experience. Live music will make an appearance soon as well, so be sure to make it a weekly recurrence! Come to dance or just to watch, maybe grab some tapas beforehand, and be prepared for a memorable evening.

Time Nightclub
1875 Newport Blvd B245
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Embrace Your Inner Dancer Emoji and Head to Time Nightclub for a Night of Salsa Dancing

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