This Expert Jeweler Shares the 5 Engagement Trends Everyone Will Wear in 2021

This Jewelry Expert Gives Us an Inside Look at Trends on the Rise

With over 45 years in the business, Hyde Park Jewelers is renowned for its craftsmanship and dedication to exceptional customer service. Tucked in Fashion Island, Hyde Park sells an array of rings, watches and high-end jewelry that help celebrate life’s special occasions. According to Hyde Park Jewelers CEO Damon Gross, 2021 brings forth unique trends within the engagement ring industry. “People don’t want what was popular five years ago,” says Gross. “With COVID, people have had a lot of time to sit at home and reflect on what they want moving forward.” Read on for Gross’s top five engagement ring trends to look out for this year. 2021 Engagement Ring Trends


1 | Increased Band Width

While classic and daintier band styles are usually 2.5mm or less, more people are opting for the larger bands. “[These are] set with stones and usually have a wide band with diamonds,” explains Gross. The stronger, sturdier shank lends durability and support as well as another opportunity to customize the ring with more shine and sparkle.


2 | Add on the Bezels 2021 Engagement Ring Trends

One of most interesting trends, according to Gross, is the increased request for full and half bezels for stones. Bezels, a setting where the gemstone is surrounded by metal, secures the solitaire in a more protected manner compared to the classic model with a prong and a solitaire in the middle. Utilizing a bezel on a ring leads to a more sleek and contemporary look that pairs practicality with elegance.


3 | Do the Twist 2021 Engagement Ring Trends

You’ll definitely be seeing this unique, east-west ring orientation on your feeds. Rather than following a traditional north-south style, the stone is placed in an eye-catching manner. “On fancy shapes, such as a pear shape, the stones are twisted sideways, so they’re running horizontal rather than vertical,” says Gross. The style is apt for trendy cuts, as the setting emphasizes the shape of your center stone and sets your ring apart from the rest.

4 | Highlighting New Gemstones

Rather than opting for diamonds, adding in a colorful piece as the central stone or accent has become a popular option. Whether it’s sapphires, emeralds, topaz or tourmaline, the options are endless. Gross shares that people are interested in the stunning, vibrant look that these gemstones add to their special ring.


5 | Alternative Metals and Shapes

To ensure a one-of-a-kind look, pursuing unconventional options is extremely important to today’s buyers. Gross has noticed a strong push for bands made from yellow gold metal instead of white and rose gold metals. He’s also seen a strong appeal to rose cuts, which resemble a rose shape, and the stone has a flat base. “It’s really cool, fun and keeps things fresh,” says Gross. “The alternative shapes and design make manufacturing jewelry really interesting.”

With all these exciting trends in the market, his most important advice is to follow your own taste and customize your ring to your liking. “These trends come from you. You don’t have to buy a diamond, you can buy whatever ring that appeals to you,” emphasizes Gross. “Don’t go with what you think is appropriate. Go with what speaks to you, and don’t worry too much about what other people are doing.”


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